Sunday, September 21, 2014


Mayweather vs. Maidana Part 2.

This is the fight we'd all been waiting on. The moment it was announced that Mayweather had granted a part two with Chino Maidana, I jumped with excitement. I've followed Mayweather's every move on instagram. I googled where Oxnard, California is actually located in the state. It's home to Chino's coach and practice area. I waited for the Showtime All Access episodes and with each one airing the anticipation grew. I even started following Mayweather's ex Miss Jackson and his new girlfriend Bad Medina. Who doesn't love a good love triangle back story?!

The history between these two is known. The gloves incident from the first fight. The head butt. The fights that have broken out on the press tour. Chino's coach getting into it with Mayweather. We know it all. You know my favorite memory from the first fight? The moment Floyd "Money" Mayweather thought he finally lost a fight as they were announcing it was going to score cards. Then the fact that Mayweather won.

So when the 70.00 dollars was paid to view it on pay per view and the pizzas were hot. We sat there hoping to see another great match up and maybe the fight that would put change Mayweather's undefeated zero to a one loss.

This fight was completely different from the first match up. It was obvious in round one. Chino was throwing far less punches and Floyd was running around the ring to not be caught on the ropes. Chino seemed in a haze when he was throwing punches. Many weren't landing. Floyd seemed depressed. He spent the majority of the fight running around the ring trying to avoid punches. He would spend half of each round either running around avoiding the fight. The other half he would let Chino hit him once then hold him so the ref could break them up and start fresh. Then the infamous incident happened...
Floyd was holding Chino's head down after a punching trio. The next thing the audience knows, Floyd is holding his glove out saying that Chino bit him. He claimed that Chino bit down through the mouth guard and glove to get to his hand. The ref said he didn't see it. The crowd didn't see it and neither did anyone in the television audience. Chino said after the fight that he did not bite him. Mayweather says still that he did. He said his hand became numb afterwards and could hardly use his hand after that.

So how did this fight end... with Floyd winning yet again. It was probably the most boring ending to a fight ever. The entire last round Floyd ran around the ring avoiding a punch. He claims to THE BEST EVER.... well to me the best ever doesn't need to run around the ring. He stands there and punches toe to toe with his opponent.


PS: I think he's depressed.