Thursday, September 18, 2014

Theater Thursday

It's Thursday and that can only mean one thing... it's Theater Thursday! This week's featured movie is, Closer and Closer.

Closer and Closer stars Kim Delaney as Kate, a best selling novelist. Kate was paralyzed from the waist down and confined to a wheel chair after being attacked by a serial killer. The man who attacked her said he was inspired from the violence in her first book. After taking a lot of time off after the attack, she's starting to get her physical and mental strength back. She was even able to concentrate enough to write a second book... a sequel to her first book. Unlike when she wrote her first book, she's prepared for the crazies out in the world. She's living completely secluded and only has a few friends who stop by. She's got a computer to connect with the outside world and a house that completely locks down.

As soon as Kate's second book hits the shelf she finds herself living in her own sequel. All over again, she has a serial killer hunting his way across the United States to get to her. Kate starts working with the FBI to help predict where he might strike next. She hopes to save not only herself but other women who are being stalked out. She also feels guilty because she believes it's all due to her book. She doesn't feel like she can trust anyone and feels more isolated than even before. She'll have to trust the people around her and she'll have to see if their all worthy of the trust.

This movie was a made for television back in 1996 and it took me years to find the name of it because I had seen it as a kid. It was still really good when I finally saw it again after years!