Monday, September 29, 2014

Down a Kidney... Weekend Review

This past weekend, I was suppose to be on a vacation in Las Vegas. Beezy and I were going to head down to Vegas on Thursday evening and stay through Sunday. All of that changed on Wednesday with a phone call.

Beezy's family is very close knit. When it's a holiday or a get together there's usually anywhere from 15-25 family members in attendance. They are always there for each other whether it be a kids soccer game, a graduation, vacation or cookout. I mean just look at this Hawaii picture... there is 23 people in this photo alone and not everybody went!
So when Beezy got the call on Wednesday that his cousin was having surgery we cancelled our trip. We had found out about two weeks before that his cousin found out he had a tumor the size of a baseball inside one of his kidneys. They decided that he should have the surgery sooner rather than later (it was scheduled for another week away) to remove the tumor and see if anything else was going on. So on Friday we headed to the hospital to sit in the waiting room and wait. When we got there around 11:00 a.m. there was already 10 family members sitting in the lobby waiting. They had just taken his cousin back to start the pre-operation things. We waited and waited. I think at one point in the day there was 23 people there. It wasn't until almost 6 o'clock that he was out of surgery. He was down a kidney but they got it out and he's going to be ok.
I thought it was so great how all of his family came. They didn't only just come to the hospital, everyone brought snacks and drinks. They entertained each other and kept each other company. The next day we all got together and visited him in the hospital and ate dinner together. They let him know that he wasn't laying there alone. I guess this is what a big family does. I'm not use to that. It's been my mom and I for a long time.
So the weekend didn't go as planned but that's ok. It's something that we wouldn't miss.
Apart from spending a large chunk of our weekend at the hospital, Beezy took me to dinner at a place called Lucille's.
It was the best meal we've ate out in a long time. I want to go back. I got the tri-tip sandwich and it was very good. The fries and their macaroni and cheese were spectacular. I mean really look at it...
Amazing! Go there is you have one near you. I think their only in three states right now.
We also bought Tesco his Halloween costume and I can't wait to share it with you once it gets closer! 


Why Girls Are Weird said...

Sounds like he comes from an amazing family, you're lucky to be brought into something that great!

Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

I have a love/hate relationship with close-knit families. At times it is beyond beautiful to have support and fun get togethers, but then there are times I am like "are you freaking serious?!!!! {epecially when one gives birth to a baby and 20 women want to be in a delivery room; I just think it's weird}, yet I admire the big families sticking to one another especially in a crisis. Glad his cousin is good, and that you still enjoyed the weekend. Lucille's my favorite place. Glad you guys went. Their pulled pork sandwich used to be my fave but I can't have it anymore. :( hahahahahaha