Friday, November 14, 2014

All I Want For Christmas

Every year I sit around and day dream of what I would love to get for Christmas. I've done it since I was a young kid. In my family we grew up with the tradition of making lists for Santa. I've gone from wanting nuts and fruit, to the pink Barbie limo with the hot tub in the back, to Ugg Boots and high end make-up. This year is like no other and I'm compiling my list of things I'd love to call mine. I usually do about three lists of a few different items. Hey... in my family we like to have tons of options. I also want to preface this by saying, even if I didn't get one single thing I would still love Christmas and be happy. I'm happy to simply be with my mom and Angel for Christmas. With that being said, here is last month's list and now this months.

1. Hart to Hart Season 3- Amazon $34.99
I have the first two seasons of Hart to Hart and I loved this Husband and wife duo! I flew through the first two seasons and can't wait now that season 3 is out!

2. Urban Decay Naked Vault- Sephora - $280.00
This is the mother of all Naked Products. It includes 3 eye shadow palettes, three eye pens, three bronzers, highlighters, blushes and three lip glosses. All it's missing is the Electric palette! Even if I don't get this giant set, I'd like to get the Naked Flushed in Native.

3. Mission Impossible Season 3- $15.06
My mom and I watched this entire series together from beginning to end. I love going back and watching this show. It's a little corny but good!

4. American Atelier Bianca Pedestal Cake Plate with Dome, White -Amazon, $19.99
I've wanted a cake stand for awhile now. I love that this one is white and has the pedestal and dome.

5. A roasting pan.

This will be my first Christmas trying to make a Christmas ham and I'm in need of a roasting pan. I want to get a good one that will last a long time.


lil desiqua said...

I saw some really great quality roasting pans at Home Goods recently. That Naked set is crazy!! Hope you get at least some things off your wishlist! You could always rank and share your wishlist with

Anonymous said...

I loved Hart To Hart but Stephanie's hair looked outdated even then.