Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Fit Eats

In my quest to get fit, I have been trying to eat better. We've been meal planning all of our breakfast and lunches. At dinner we either meal plan it or make something healthy that evening. Some times we just don't have the time to make a meal each night. We work all day and every now and then the last thing that I want to do is make dinner. So when we heard that Sacramento had a healthy food option readily available we looked into it. It's called FIT Eats and it's located right down town where I work. What is it? It's healthy meals, portioned out and completely cooked. Their never frozen and placed directly into a fridge once it's been made. They also tell you how much protein, carbs, sodium etc that is in each meal. They put it right on the label so there is no missing it.

We've tried out a total of four meals. They divide their meals up into the three categories of Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Then they make two portion sizes- regular and large. The latest meal that I've had is the large Surf n' Turf...
It comes with steak, shrimp, brussels sprouts and a mixture of red potatoes/mashed cauliflower. I thought the steak and shrimp were great. The Brussels sprouts...ehhh not so much but I ate them. I have never been a fan of them so I don't think it's Fit Eats. I also do not have a taste for cauliflower. Clearly I am a fan of the meat and seafood though.

Beezy ate their turkey burger and sweet potatoes fries. He really liked it and ate the entire meal. It smelled pretty good, I know that!

The meal that I've really liked the most has been their BBQ Pork Loin. It comes with corn, the mashed cauliflower/red potatoes and four pieces of pork loin. It's really good! I also got the large portion. The calories were under 600 but I can't remember exactly how many.
Beezy has tried out another one of their dinners but I sadly forgot to take a picture of it. Fit Eats updates their menu weekly so they are constantly adding new things to try out. They've added a new breakfast item that I'm really interested in trying. I might give it a try later this week. They also have a Turkey mac n' cheese that I'm wanting to give a try. While I feel the meals are a little pricey, they are extremely convenient and healthy. I have checked out a lot of online companies but all of their food is frozen and gets shipped that way. So for now, I'm sticking with our own meal planning and substituting in these meals when we are on a time crunch. Have you ever tried meal planning for eating healthy? What's some of the foods you eat?


Why Girls Are Weird said...

Ugh if only I wasn't such a picky eater!