Monday, April 13, 2015

Weekend Review

On Friday, I came home after a long day of work to a new Fitbit band from Beezy. I've been wearing the pink one I got since Christmas so it was a really nice change. This one seems very Spring/Summer.
We also went out to dinner and celebrate because the house finally got some offers and went into contract with one of the bidders! We are finally in contact and can move forward with our new home and getting out of our current one. We are so thankful. I really have to credit it to Saint Joseph. We buried him exactly as the instructions stated and read the prayer card. We believed, we asked him every day to bring us a buyer. The day after we buried him we started getting tons of showing. In the 5 days that we had him buried we had more showings than the other 21 days it was on the market. Then we had two people buyers who really wanted the house. We went with the best one and now we are in contract. I am so thankful and so is Beezy. I'm going to continue to thank Saint Joseph for his blessings.

On Saturday, we headed to West Sacramento to see a River Cats game...

We have been to the field before but not for an actual game. We had been there and on the field for the July 4th celebration but had never gone to a game. We went with about 10 people from Beezy's family and it was a lot of fun. The game went into extra innings but the Sacramento River Cats pulled out a win!

On Saturday, I also had another makeup trial done. The first girl that I had gone to did an OK job on my make up but I didn't like how she did my hair at all. I also didn't like the fact that she was cussing up a storm for the entire 2 hours that she did my hair and makeup. I mean really... we had just met and who wants to hear someone cussing every three words on their wedding day? No one. So I had another make up trial with a different person. This girl however, only does make up. I know her pretty well because she was in Puerto Rico with us last March. Now we are searching for a hair person!

Sunday, I booked our tickets to the Elvis Exhibit in Las Vegas, Nevada. 
It just opened this past week and I can't wait! I'm so glad that we got our tickets because the Saturday that we are there, they only had one time slot left open. That's how fast it's selling out. We also had a limited time frame of when we could walk through the exhibit because of our Britney Spears tickets and the fight. The exhibit is taking place at the Westgate which use to be the Las Vegas Hilton which was originally the International where Elvis first started his performances. SO excited! It's going to be a great weekend trip.

We spent the rest of Sunday getting the house ready to go for the inspections and the appraisal. The countdown is on and our fingers are crossed!


Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

I finally started using my Fit Bit again! Add me :)

I went to the Friday game and they lost so glad to hear they won again!

And hooray on the house! That's awesome!