Thursday, April 16, 2015

Theater Thursday

It's Thursday and that can only mean one thing... It's Theater Thursday! Each week I talk about a movie I've recently seen and is available to watch outside of the theater. This week's featured movie is... Basic Instinct.
Believe it or not, but I had never seen this movie until this week. I had always seen clips of the famous scene starring Sharon Stone but had no clue what the movie was actually all about. The movie stars Michael Douglas as San Francisco Homicide Detective Nick Curran who's just found a famous ex-rock n'roller murdered. He's back on the force after just having accidently shooting a tourist. His one and only suspect is the very wealthy writer Catherine Tramell (Sharon Stone). Catherine had been dating the rocker for over a year at the time of his death and was the last person seen with him.

When Nick and the rest of the homicide department learn that Catherine had written a book depicting the crime matching down to the murder weapon they think they've already got the killer. When Nick and his partner Gus head to Catherine's house to question her, they find out that she's working on a new book. This time the book is about a police detective. Nick is immediately drawn into Catherine and while he finds her fascinating and beautiful he believes she also a murderer. Gus also thinks she's a killer.

When the department can't find any real evidence besides the book, they have to let her go. Now it's Catherine's turn to play a game. She let's Nick know that the new character in her book is actually based on him. In the meantime his life starts unraveling. In his obsession with Catherine, he starts drinking and gets in more trouble with a fellow cop. His on and off girlfriend also seems to have a unique history with Catherine.

Will Nick catch the real killer or will be just end up a story in a book? Watch and find out. It's definitely a movie that keeps you watching till the end.