Thursday, April 2, 2015

Theater Thursday

It's Thursday and that means only one thing... it's Theater Thursday! Every week I like to pick a movie that's available to watch at home, watch it and then review it. Have a movie you love? Post about it and link back to here so I can see what you movie you watched this week!This week's featured movie is, The Sum of All Fears.
The Sum of All Fears stars Ben Affleck as Jack Ryan, a CIA analyst who uses the cover as a historian to everyone that he knows. When he's needed at the White House by Director Cabot (Morgan Freeman) because of his extensive research on a Russian man named Nemerov who's become the new President. They fly to Moscow to meet Nemerov and gauge his control over the country and his troops. What they don't know is that a nuclear missile was uncovered in the Syrian sand.

Jack and Cabot head back to the United States unsure if President Nemerov is completely in control of his armies. The answer is that he is not. Unknown forces are planning on starting a war between the US and Russia. When Jack and Director Cabot learn about the plot to start a nuclear war, they send Jack back to Russia to help another operative find out more about the bomb and it's location. Jack finds out that it's been moved and could be anywhere in the world. Now he's on the hunt for the most deadly weapon ever made.

The only people who might be able to stop it is Jack, Cabot and the Presidents of Russia and the U.S. What will happen if a nuclear bomb comes to U.S. soil? And what will we do if Russia is behind it? Watch and find out!

This is also one of many Jack Ryan films that has been made off of the books.