Tuesday, October 20, 2015

5 Cities to Visit in 2016

Our 2015 has been all about wedding planning and wedding saving. I love to travel and since we've sacrificed travel for our wedding this year we want to make 2016 a year of travelling. We want to go to five different places in 2016 and cities that we've never been to before. We want to discover new cities and try out different places. We've already got our first trip half way booked (airfare booked).

1. San Diego

This trip is booked! We will be spending our 2016 Valentines Day in San Diego. We've got our flights all booked. Now we just need to secure our car rental and find a hotel to throw our bags in. I've heard nothing but great things about this town so I hope it lives up to it's reputation. I'm sure it will be warm for February so that right there will be a nice treat. We will see the famous beaches, take in all the hot spots and throw some history into the mix.

We will only be in town for 48 hours, so if you have any must see places let me know! I do plan on visiting the Hotel Del Coronado. I've always loved seeing the famous photos of Marilyn Monroe there when she filmed the movie Some Like It Hot. Now I'll be able to take my own version of this photo...

2. New York City

When I was living on the east coast I wanted to visit the big apple. That feeling hasn't changed since I moved to the west coast. My uncle and his wife moved to the Tribeca area about a year ago so I'm sure I could persuade them to let us crash at their apartment but I wouldn't turn up my nose to stay at the famous Plaza Hotel or to the equally famous Waldorf Astoria. I want to get one of those super touristy foam crowns from the Statue of Liberty. Visit Times Square, pay respects at the World Trade Center footprints and so much more.  I would probably need a month to accomplish my wish list of places to visit here. Now who wants to get me to NYC?

3. Seattle

We have tried to go to Seattle twice and both times our plans had to be cancelled. Not this year though! I've got enough Southwest Frequent Flyer points that this trip is happening and want to use the points on the rainy city of Seattle. I mean hello! It has tons of movies set there and named about it, including the famous Sleepless In Seattle. The town can't be too shabby right?

We want to stay at the cute boutique hotel in Pike's Market, tour the gum wall, stroll by the troll under the bridge, visit the first ever Starbucks and climb to the top of the Space Needle. Maybe I'll even spot Frasier Crane across the street! Since Seattle does have it's rainy season we may not get to Seattle till the late spring or early summer so suggestions on things to do are much welcome!

4. Philidelphia

This town is the epitome of history to me. Maybe it's because I've seen National Treasure a hundred times but I love it. The liberty bell calls it home, the declaration of independence was signed there and all of our founding fathers were at least there once. I just think this would be such a great place to visit. I've been to Pittsburg but these two towns are so different. Any suggestions on places to stay and things to do would be appreciated.

5. Niagara Falls

I think it would so cool to visit and see the falls in person. I have no idea what else there is to do in and around the falls but I think it would fill up a day or two just visiting the falls and riding on the maiden of the mist. Suggestions?

If you've been to any of these cities and have great recommendations on where to stay, what is a must see and where to eat then please share them with me!

Cities that I've visited but can't wait to go back to...
Washington D.C.
Pigeon Forge
Myrtle Beach


Shann said...

Awesome list of cities! I've been to San Diego once, NYC, and Niagara Falls. I would love, love, love to go to Seattle and Philadelphia. Can't wait to read all about your trips!

Alexandra S said...

These are all great locations! I've never been to Seattle or Philadelphia but I've heard such great things about both! For the falls, if you decide to make it a longer trip, you'll only be a couple hours away from Toronto! I loved it there and would recommend a visit if you could. I stayed one night at the falls and it was definitely enough time to pack up and leave the next afternoon.

Chrissy said...

I really want to visit Seattle some day! I have been to New York and have seen the Niagara Falls and I cannot wait to get back to Chicago! Philadelphia is definitely a place to see as well!

The Flynnigans said...

I really want to go to San Diego some day, and San Fran, too! I definitely also want to hit up the west coast, BC, Seattle.
If you are ever in Niagara, let me know. I'm only a couple of hours away. :)

Crystal said...

Great list! These are all on my list of cities to visit too... although I'm not sure I'll visit them all in 2016. :) Seattle and New York are two cities I'd definitely like to visit soon.

Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

I am going to Seattle in January and the Grand Canyon in February. I am on the same page as you, I want to visit places in the US next year, places I have never been! I am also going to Orlando in July for my sorority convention, so that will be fun! Need to figure out where else to go!

I haven't been to NYC as an adult and I really want to go too, same with Niagara Falls, I loooove waterfalls!

Anonymous said...

I just went to NYC this past summer. It's been on my to-go list for forever and I'm so happy I got to check it out. I would STRONGLY recommend getting the New York Pass. We spent all 5 days going to only things we could access with the pass and we still had a list of things we could've seen. It's got all the big sites and tours. Even if you don't, you MUST go on the Food on Foot tour. The guide takes you to all these little hole-in-the-wall, only-a-true-new-yorker-would-know-about places, then gives you a whole list of awesome places to check out all around Manhattan. It was the best tour we went on, and we met a lot of fun people in the group. We ate from places he recommended for the rest of the trip and were not disappointed a single time. My only wish was that we'd done it our first day! My mouth is watering just thinking about the dumplings... Enjoy one for me ;)

Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

Haven't been to San Diego in years but loved it, and since it's by the ocean....can't go wrong with that! Hope you'll love it!!! Philly is beyond amazing. Especially when you love history...plus you could combine that with NYC. They are about two hours apart. When I stayed in Philly I visited NYC as well. ;) 2016 will amazing for you two, but 2015 will be one to remember!!!