Monday, February 1, 2016

22nd Screen Actors Guild Awards

The SAG Award show is always my favorite to watch leading up to the Oscars. The actors seem more relaxed, down to earth and fun. The women take more risks on the red carpet at this award show and really show off their style personality. This year patterns and designs were trending. I love it! I thought it gave a vintage 1970's vibe and I am a huge fan of that era.

These are my picks for the Best and Worst Dressed at the SAG Awards! 

Best Dressed
Anna Faris
Red is a tricky color on the red carpet but I love that she showed off her legs. I also love that the top is totally different from the bottom.

Alicia Vikander
This was my favorite look of the night. I love that it's patterned. I love that it's sequins. I love that it gives that major 70's vibe. Seriously. If I could wear this dress tomorrow, I would.

Rachel McAdams
Love the pattern. Love the colors. It wasn't just another black dress.

Saoirse Ronan
On screen you could see this dress was more of a blush tone. It also had a great pattern in the fabric. I love the long sleeves. She looked fabulous!

Kate Winslet
Kate can never do wrong. She knows what she looks good in. She knows her colors and she killed it. She looks fabulous and her shape is perfect.

Worst Dressed

January Jones
I know what happened here. She forgot that the SAGs were this weekend and didn't have a dress. She did what she had to do and tore her guest bedroom sheets off the bed and wrapped herself up and got in the limo. Your make up looks good though! you know what they say about big hair... it holds secrets!

Nicole Kidman
I'm sorry? Did you think you were going to the Circus? Or maybe a lavish little girls birthday party? Nicole, next time pick just one of these colors not all three.

Brie Larson
Congrats on the win. But you lost in the fashion department. The entire time she was giving her acceptance speech my husband kept asking about the awards butt that she had twisted to the camera. Anyways... The top is hideous to me. It looks like someone slashed it. Did someone attack her on the way to the awards and make that cut? We won't even talk about the weird ties on the side. And the prom shoes...

Christina Hendricks
I love Christian Siriano the designer but this dress did Christina no favors. She has a great shape and this dress made her lose it. It also washed her out. It made her look old and frumpy in my opinion.

What did you think? Who were your favorites?


Unknown said...

I LOVE Anna Farris' dress! So classy and the color is perfect.

Unknown said...

Anna Ferris, Kate Winslet and Rachel McAdams all look stunning! I have no idea what happened with Nicole Kidman's dress...