Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Our First Dance

When discussing the music for your wedding people immediately want to know what the first dance song will be. In our case it was no different... inquiring minds wanted to know. There was much debate inside our wedding party about what our first dance song would be. My husband is a huge John Legend fan so they were banking that it was something from his collection. We refused to tell any of our family and guests what our first dance song was and made them wait till it started playing. The only person that knew was our DJ. 
The morning of the wedding my bridesmaids had a pool going on what our song would be. We got tons of rhythm & blues guesses but no one ever guessed our song. I also got a lot of Elvis guess since all of my friends know how I'm an avid fan. While Elvis was not our first dance song we did have two of his songs played for big moments. 
Our first dance song was, Stand By Me by Ben E. King.
Not sure if you know the song? You can hear it here.

We had been given dance lessons but we chose not to do a choreographed dance. We wanted it to be natural and fun. It worked for us and when it came down to it, it felt like the longest two minute song ever because literally all eyes will be on your dancing.

What was your first dance song?


Kenya said...

Aww.. How great. Our first song dance was Take my breath away. The one from Top Gun movie. :)

Skye @ Planet Jinxatron said...

How fun to make it a surprise!