Friday, August 12, 2016

Adele Live 2016

On the last day of July, Adele stepped on stage in San Jose, California and you can believe we were there. We had bought these tickets on December 7, 2015. We had been waiting for this concert for almost eight months. As each month passed by and she performed concert after concert we were holding our breath that she wouldn't cancel. She started her world tour in Europe and then made her way to America. San Jose was near her last stop on the tour so we were very happy her vocal cords held up and that she didn't suffer any injuries. When the concert started she told us this was her 62nd show and her 13th in America.
Let me tell you. Adele is amazing live. I think she sounds even better in person that she does on her album. She has a live band behind her and at one point she does an acoustic set. She did a great mix of songs from her previous album and her current. While she is amazing when she's singing, she's equally entertaining when she isn't. In between songs and while drinking her honey she converses with the audience. Fans that are closest to the stage interact with and she even invited two little girls on stage to take a picture with her. She also gave away a jersey and signed it. She also offered to pose for selfies if the people would just turn their cameras around for her.
We sat up top at the SAP Center but that was ok! She was just amazing and I hope she comes back to California again some day. I would totally pay to see her again in concert. Since the concert, I've been listening to her album on repeat! I never buy concert t-shirts because their just so over priced but this time I did. I sported that sucker on Saturday while blaring her music. Seriously. If you get the chance to see her live in concert don't pass up the opportunity. She is worth the price and it'll be a memory forever.
My top 5 Adele songs...
Set Fire to the Rain
Someone Like You
Rumor Has It
Water Under the Bridge
I should mention that I also love Send My Love but then I'd get into the fact that I love all of her songs but those are my top 5. What's your favorite Adele song? Were you lucky to see her during this concert tour or in another setting?


Chrissy said...

How amazing! I so wanted to get tickets for one of her shows in Germany, but they were sold out before I even had a chance.

Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

So jealous you guys went. Wanted to go but couldn't, so I told myself to spend the money we would have spent somewhere else. :) And hello, I love the same songs. :) She's just so darn brilliant!