Monday, August 22, 2016

Dinosaurs & Moon Landings

Do you believe in Dinosaurs?
I do.

Do you believe we landed on the moon?
I do.

I didn't even know there was a debate about dinosaurs till recently. I'm sitting on the couch and one night my husband tells me he doesn't think dinosaurs really existed.

Excuse me, what?

That was my initial reaction. I think it was around the time the new Jurassic World movie was coming out. So we got into this huge debate about how I believe they really did exists and how he really thinks their just made up. You guys... I can't even make this debate up. I was literally like, "You've got to be kidding me!" At first I laughed it off because I thought he was joking. I thought he was just doing one of those little things where you pretend to disagree but really you agree. Just having fun with me. Um... it's been a year now and he isn't yelling out, "Just kidding!"

In fact, he's become even more serious when he tries to reason with anyone who will listen. When he learns of anyone else who agrees with him, they become his new favorite person. He's like, "Yeah! They know what's up!" Queue my eye roll.

Then there's the debate on if we really did land on the moon. I get that there's tons of conspiracy theorist out there. People I worked in the space industry. Give it up... we really did go to the moon. We really did walk on it. It wasn't a television sound stage that these men walked on. It was the actual moon that we all look up into the sky at. These brave, young men dared to go where no man had ever gone. They risked their lives to the unknown and some of them lost their lives in the process of trying to get to the moon. Don't tarnish their memory and their legacy by giving any ammunition to this debate.

My husband knows how passionate I am about the space program. He'll do this joke just to mess with me. If something space related comes on television or I'm watching The Martian for the 100th time he'll slip out of his mouth a joke about we didn't really go there. I know he actually believes we did. If he didn't we'd have to have a real chat.

So what do you think about this recent trend with people really believing that dinosaurs didn't exist? My husband thinks that the bones were planted and their fake. His biggest justification to his theory is.... what happened to the water dinosaurs? If they really did exists then what happened to them?!


Anonymous said...

If dinosaurs didn't exist, how does he explain all the fossilised bones being found? What are they?

I do believe it, because those bones are right in front of me. I see the skeletons, I read the books and see the tv shows. how does he explain all that?

Unknown said...

YES I absolutely believe they exist and wasn't aware there was any sort of trend otherwise! Wow! When I was little I thought sharks were just pretend though, so what do I know.

Kim {Hope Whispers} said...

He doesn't believe in Dinosaurs?! Did he as a kid? Im all for them. The water ones are on the bottom of the ocean and no one is digging in the old lakes. LOL