Monday, February 6, 2017

5 Steps to a Better Photo from the Plane Window

Ever find yourself hitting like on those great photos people take from the plane windows? Ever wonder why yours don't look the same? Well wonder no more! Here's five steps that will help you get the perfect photo next time yourself flying high above.
1. Clean the window
Think about how many people put their dirty faces and hands up against that glass all day long. Women with their make up, people's body oils... all that does is make for an ugly photo. Take the drink napkin and give your window a good wipe down. I personally like to use wet ones. Carry a pack of those in your carry on and you've got an instantly clean window. Don't have wet ones on you? Use your drink napkin and wet it with some hand sanitizer. Most people carry some of that with them.

2. Any seat works
Scored the window seat? Great! Didn't? Don't fret! On long flights people tend to get up to stretch their legs or use the restroom. Snap away while their not in their seat. Or better yet... become friends with your row mates. Spark up a conversation and they won't mind then if you ask to take a quick photo out the window. They might even be interested in trying to take a good one themselves.

3. Control the Glare
Flying during the day can bring challenges of the sun glaring onto the glass. Flying at night can bring people to turn on their cabin light that reflects onto the glass. To control the glare make sure you get your phone camera right up against the glass. That will control any reflections and most of the glare from inside lights.

4. Think forward and backwards
Most people generally take photos of the things coming up in front of them. Don't forget about the things you've just flown over. Point your camera done to see the ground. Then point your camera towards what you just passed. You can get some of the plane in the photo and maybe even the Rockies you just passed. So not only do you have the plane in view but you've got an amazing backdrop.

5. Focus!
Remember you are aboard a plane and moving at top speed. Tap that screen to get your mountains, rivers, clouds etc into focus. While blurring can be artsy it's not exactly what your looking for if you want to actually make out that river or snowy mountains.

The next time you find yourself travelling on a plane think about one or all of these tips. They could help you achieve a greater photo #fromtheplanewindow