Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Kashmere Kollections

I have been a faithful follower of Kim Zolciak Biermann since she was on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Then when she left and got her own show, Don't Be Tardy for the Party I continued to watch. I also loved her wedding special that Bravo aired. I think she's hilarious and her entire family is over the top. When she announced a few months ago that she was coming out with a skincare line I was instantly interested in trying it.

For months I waited on updates of when it was launching and when I could finally get my hands on some of it. Over the holidays, they were offering a major discount code and I couldn't pass up a Spa Kit Bundle they were offering. Currently she has five products in her Kashmere line and I ordered three of them. I wanted to order one more but it was sold out when I placed my order.

The spa kit included three of her five products:

Luxurious Toning Oil
Firming Cream
Purifying Masque

Kim also has a silken body polish (this was the other item I wanted but was sold out) and a sunless tanning lotion. While I'm not one to use selfless tanner, I really did want to try the body polish which is a scrub. So I ordered my spa kit and waited. I don't know if it was because of the holidays or what but I had to wait several weeks to receive my order. I believe the Spa Kit was only scheduled to ship on certain dates but when it arrived it was perfect. It came in the cute packaging shown above and when I opened the box, I was ready to use!

First up was the purifying masque.
Since I had my miscarriage in July, my face and honesty my chest too has seen some breakouts. My face literally reverted back to when I was about 15 years old. I was getting constant heavy breakouts for weeks. So the face masque was something I was interested in trying because I was hoping that it would help. In the meantime, while I was waiting on this product to arrive, I started getting my breakouts under control thankfully!
How to use the masque. I had to read the directions because I have never been one to apply a liquid masque and wait for it to dry. I had always been one of those paper mask girls who would wear them for a few minutes, peel them off and be done. The Kashmere face masque, you apply an even layer to freshly cleansed skin. Once you apply the masque you let it try for about 10 minutes and then wash it off with warm water.
After my first use, I felt like my face had instantly smoother skin. The first week that you use the product you should use it several days in a row then taper off to once a week. I did this and noticed a major improvement in my face. My skin was softer after the first two uses. I would notice that my skin wasn't getting as dry as it had been and during the day my skin felt softer. I also noticed my pores didn't seem as large and my skin wasn't breaking out. The masque also didn't leave a horrible smell like some can do.
Second up was the firming lotion.
It goes on just like any other lotion you would use but after a few seconds this one begins to make your skin feel a little warm and tingly. I believe that's when you know it's working. I've been using it on my legs and on my stomach and it definitely makes it feel a little tighter. I've also put this on my arms but I haven't put it on my backside like I've read in some of the reviews I've seen. I'll keep putting it on my legs because I see the most benefit there and to my stomach.
Last but not least.. the toning oil.
This is by far my favorite product in the set. It smells amazing. I'm a person who can't handle scents in lotions that are too much fragrance but this toning oil is the perfect mix. It smells like a coconut/lime but not too coconut. It's really hard to describe but it just has that perfect mix. It goes on your skin easily and doesn't require you to wait forever before putting your clothing on top of it. It dries almost instantly once you rub it into your skin and gives it the most amazing sheen. I literally love this stuff and the bottle goes down really slowly! I've been lathering it on my arms, legs and hands every day for a few weeks and the amount in the bottle barely goes down. Seriously, I almost want to stockpile it incase something happens and the company doesn't make it.
I've heard that Kim has several new products in the works and I can't wait! Every time she has a LIVE chat or instagram I ask her about a night cream or face cream and she assures me and the world that their coming. I know that she's confirmed Shampoo/Conditioner and bath bombs. So until she officially puts them in her shop we just have to wait!
Have you tried Kashmere Kollections? What did you think of them?