Monday, February 20, 2017

Fifty Shades Darker

Warning: This post includes spoilers.

First I want to say, I love the books. Yes, they are horribly written. Yes, he's controlling. Yes, to all of it but I find them entertaining and it's fiction. To me it's entertaining so it's served it's purpose. So before we start getting all up in arms over the fact that she's poor and he's rich and controls her let's go with the fact that this isn't real life. It's a fiction story and movie. This movie seemed to veer away from the book in several instances and I want to discuss a few of them. Now with that said let's dive right in...

Changes from the book to movie

First, the start of the movie. Ana shows up to Jose's photography show alone and she acts as if she didn't know he was going to be there at all. In the book, Christian makes it clear he wants to take her to the show and they go there together. Ana doesn't understand if their getting back together, if he's just being nice or what but they go there together. For me, I didn't like that they didn't have them go there together. It makes it more confusing if they do go there together because your still trying to figure out if he wants to try again.

Jose. So he's Ana's friend we know that. We also know that Christian isn't a fan of him. They never show any of their interactions in this movie. Yes, he's there in the background but they don't explain why. He just  seems oddly out of place. Like he's a creepy friend just showing up at intimate moments in Ana and Christians lives. They should have tried to explain a little more why Jose was there from Portland on the night of the crash.

Ana and Leila. Ok, where to begin. In one scene we see Christian and Ana in bed together sleeping. They are clearly at her Seattle apartment. Ana wakes up for a brief moment in the night and finds Leila standing at the foot of her bed. Wrong! In the books Leila never goes into Ana's apartment until they face off with the gun. She's only ever seen in Christian's apartment. When we do get to the part where Ana finds herself with Leila in her apartment being held there at gunpoint things dramatically change. 

In the book Leila only ever really seems to do any real harm to herself and the damage of property to Ana's car. In the movie when Leila is in Ana's apartment Leila fires the gun over Ana's head. At no time does this ever happen in the book. I felt like they tried to take Leila from a mentally ill women to an actual physcially dangerous person. 

Things I wish were included

The first dance auction at Mrs. Grey's charity event.
Ana meeting Dr. Flynn (either time)
Mrs. Robinson trying to speak to Ana more at the ball.
Ethan- Kate's brother was completely omitted from the film.

I understand that they had to leave certain things out from the book. You can't have a movie that's 3 hours long. This isn't Gone With the Wind were talking about. I just wish they would have included a few more of these elements. I did think they covered Jack well and portrayed him in a way that set up his anger. My husband was a good sport and took me to the movie for Valentine's Day. Once we left he asked me why Jack was so mad so to someone who hadn't read the book they need a little bit more back history (which I'm sure we will get in the last movie). All in all I enjoyed the movie. I thought it was far better than the first!

Have you seen the newest movie? What did you think?