Friday, February 17, 2017

The Big Apple

Next month we are headed to New York City!

This will be our first time in the big apple and I can't wait! Things fill up quickly in NYC so we've already got a lot of our sightseeing plans locked down. Currently we have tickets to the following...

9/11 Museum and Memorial

We have chosen to take the guided tour. This was such a big event in our history and happened when we were both teenagers. I was a high school senior and my husband was out of high school and working. He joined the Air Force right after 9/11. To go to ground zero and see things from that day we be very powerful I'm sure. We will also pay our respects at the memorial footprints of the Twin Towers.

Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island Tour.

We have chosen to go inside the Statue of Liberty up to the pedestal. Visitors can go all the way up to the crown but after reading the advisements we stuck with only going to the base. My husband doesn't do well with heights and according to their website you ascend over 200 stairs on a spiral staircase and can see all the way down. Once he read that we were set with the pedestal. BUT we can't wait! It's going to be amazing and the tour on Ellis Island is supposedly very emotional seeing what people went through to come to America.

The Empire State Building
We wanted to get a birds eye view of the city so we have chosen to head to the top of the Empire State Building. This building is so iconic and has been featured in so many movies that we love. We couldn't go to New York and not go there. We keep hearing great things about the other rival viewing spot- top of the rock but this classic location won out.
One of our main reasons for visiting NYC at this time is the fact that we have tickets to see our favorite boxer- GGG fight at Madison Square Garden. When we found out that he was going to be fighting in NYC we knew we had to go. It also gives us the opportunity to visit my uncle and his wife who live there. I haven't gotten to see them for awhile so it will be nice to visit. We want to squeeze in Times Square, Central Park, the Brooklyn Bridge and Trinity Church.

If you have any must see or do things please let us know! We would also love any restaurant recommendations besides Serendipity! Haha, we've had so many people tell us to go there. I'm talking real food... not just treats! So send me everything you've got! Any sites and food recommendations we are totally up to hearing them and then adding them into our trip!


Carol said...

I've only been to NYC once and it was years ago, so I don't know specific places to eat, but some ideas: try a slice of New York style pizza -- it folds in half!

Central Park is great to walk through, especially in the spring. I know its a huge place, but fun to just wander and feel like you are not in a giant city for a bit.