Wednesday, February 22, 2017

All-Natural & Organic

As an adult, I am capable of what's going into my body. The foods I eat, the products I use on my hair and skin. The toothpaste I use, the lotion, etc. I like to use organic and natural products as much as possible. The problem with organic items is they can get pricey. When you have a child or a baby you have to decide what is best for them. When I was a child in the 1980s organic/natural items weren't that available and popularly used. Now the choices are endless. It can be hard to find ones that really are great to use. That's where Baby Mantra comes in....
Baby Mantra specializes in products that are made in the U.S.A. using all-natural and organic ingredients. They have an entire product line that features organic baby lotion, natural baby shampoo, oils, body wash and tons more! They even have Mommy body butter. They have so many products to choose from you can find all your baby needs in one place. They even have a great way to purchase items on a subscription so you get the products in a reoccurring way without having to go on the site to order every month- two months- etc. They also offer sets that you can give as gifts at baby showers and holidays.

One item that every needs is their baby mantra diaper rash cream.
Baby Mantra's diaper rash cream is 100% natural and contains no sulfates, parabens, gluten, dyes, artificial fragrances or phthalates. It also goes under rigorous testing of the highest standards to ensure that it has the number 1 rating on the EWG's Skin Deep Database. It is an extremely gentle product that any parent can feel good about placing on their baby's skin. If you compare Baby Mantra's diaper rash cream to some sold by other companies you'll see that other companies ingredients are known to cause irritation to the skin. Why not avoid this and give Baby Mantra a try?  

I do a lot of research on what I put into my body and I'm sure that you do too. I don't have children yet but as the time grows closer that we look to start a family I find myself deciding what items would be best for babies and children. Well Baby Mantra has got my vote! Check them out and see if their products work for you! Remember it's all-natural and organic