Friday, June 26, 2009

An update & Dear So and So

First of, the 2nd part to my 100th post is almost upon us! The first part took place the other day. If you missed it, check it out here. The giveaway is coming up very soon!!!!!!

Now, all day I've been seeing these letters that start with Dear So and So. I've decided to post that today! And yes for those of you wondering, I did smile ALL day even though I was tested many many times by people who truly suck at life. 

Dear Mr. Man who came through the port (while I was there), with the worst B.O I've ever smelled in my life,
We had to spray almost a full can of lysol just to get the scent of your body odor out of the air. Not only that, you made me feel so dirty once I got off work I came home and immediatley showered. Praying of course the whole time that my car somehow didn't get the scent of you.
Next time shower,

I get that Michael Jackson was a great singer and entertainer. I don't deny that. However, I am very disappointed in Let's not forget that Farah Fawcett also lost her tremendous fight to anal cancer. Yeah...not the greatest cancer to go forth and talk about but she did it with her head held high. She inspired people to come forth and get checked and reassured them it was OK to talk about having that kind of cancer. 
Shame on you media outlets, 

Dear Shia Lebouf,
You are one of THE hottest men I have ever seen. Matt's away...come on over to my house. I'll show you a real transformer.....
You hot young stud, Love


Samantha said...

OOO nice.. I agree about Michael, while everyone is falling all over themselves over his greatness and musical contributions it seems that people are missing the point, that while loss of life is a tragidy he may have just brought this upon himself... there are already reports of prescription drugs playing a part. There's a SHOCKER!

Katie said...

I love all of these letters :)

Random Musings said...

Cute.. yeah its only been a day and I am already over the Micheal thing.. It saddens me that Farrahs life is being over shadowed...

We were never promised tomorrow..

Unknown said...

Oh love your So & So's... definately looking forward to doing more of them!! I loved the post to the hubby!!!

Casey (@ Chaos and Cardboard) said...

Ah, I so enjoy writing these letters. Sometimes I get close to sending them. At least they make you feel better!

Unknown said...

Transformers yes! Loved that movie like mad:p I am a Michael Jackson fan, but yesh, where is Farrah's moment? Loved this post:p You so funny;p

Jon and Steph said...

I'm with Casey, I love writing these kinds of letters! They make me feel a lot better ;)

Bridget said...

I am a first time reader of your blog and I really enjoyed it. I love the Dear So and So letters, very cool.