Monday, October 8, 2012

Oh Arnie

So let's talk Arnold Schwarzenegger. 
He's got a new book out called Total Recall. How clever... he used one of his old movie titles (that coincidentally got remade this year) to talk about his life story. I thought we all already knew his life story? The days of living in Austria. The bodybuilding and Conan the Barbarian days. Then him marrying a Kennedy. Have you read it? I haven't read it but do I want to? Um... yeah! Now before you judge me this is why I want to read it. First of all he was in Kindergarten Cop. I mean hello... he doesn't have a tumor! That movie was hilariously funny in a not suppose to be funny way. I'm also pretty for sure that's the only time we'll ever get to see him in a flannel shirt, straw hat and singing kid songs. 
I'm sure somewhere in Total Recall he's bound to mention banging his co-star in it, which will in turn make him remember how much he loves his wife (I've heard he does indeed do this but with Bridget Neilson, who btw then when on to sleep with Stallone. Sloppy seconds dude). Yeah.... ok. Moving on. He was however, The Terminator and he did some great one liners in those movies. Plus back then he was still looking good. 
Now he's starting to get up there in years and you can tell that the days of his body building might be behind him but he's still keeping in shape. Did he make mistakes as a person? Sure. Did he make some BIG mistakes? Yes. I mean he slept with his maid and had a secret love child. That's pretty big no matter how you try to spin it. (sidenote: how did Maria not notice the kid was a spitting image of her husband?!?) With all that being said, I'd really like to read the book. What I find even more appealing is a little water cooler gossip I heard the other day. 

So apparently, when Arnold was the Governor he use to hit up the downtown bars and smoosh with the ladies. When I heard this, my ears immediately perked up and tuned in. Now that I'm living in Sacramento, I realized that Arnold and I could be in the same city. Um... heck yes on making that meeting happen! So I started to ask questions, Does he come to town that often anymore? Does he still go out when he's here? Are they like super private clubs that he goes into downtown? I'm getting the 411 just incase his True Lies butt comes back to town. What? You know you'd do the same.


Meredith said...

OMG I love this post, I almost spit out my coffee two or three times laughing so hard. Yeah, I'd say Stallone got his sloppy seconds 4 sure LOL. Happy Monday!

Why Girls Are Weird said...

Yep, I just snorted reading this post. Thank you.

Deidre said...

Hah! I've missed you! I don't think I'll read this - but man oh man I liked your summary of his life :) I hope if you do read this you write a recap of the book!

Anonymous said...

All I can say about this is: no wonder people dont take CA seriously! haha!

I LOVED Kindergarden Cop!!

Unknown said...

You're hilarious. Does he still live in Sacramento now that he's not the governator anymore?