Monday, October 15, 2012

The Missing H2O

Last week I had one of the weirdest things happen to me while I was at work. Incase you missed my memo about it last week, I'm now working the AM shift. Am I happy about it? NO of course not, no one should really ever be at work at 3:30 in the morning. So anyways, I'm at work and it's now about 5am. I'm working in a room with a coworker and a man who works for a different company whom I had never met. The coworker and I were doing our work and going about our business. I had been working pretty hard for about an hour and got thirsty so I decided to take a second and get a drink from my water bottle. 

I had a bottle that looked like one of those above and CLEARY written on the plastic above the band my first name Jennifer was written in BLACK sharpie. 

So I started to get parched and got up to get my bottle that was sitting on the table behind us. I look around and realize that it's not sitting there. At first I thought, oh maybe I sat it down somwhere else in the room, so I looked around and nothing. So I asked my coworker if he'd seen it and he says, "No I saw you drinking out of it earlier though." So I'm like where in the world did my water go? 

That's when I see it. The empty bottle thrown on the ground in the corner of the room. Clearly thrown there to be hidden from the casual glance. So I go over to it and pick it up. I ask my coworker, "___ did you drink my water?!?" His reply, "NO!" and he starts laughing like I'm crazy to think that he did. Then it hits me, the other guy who I didn't know drank my water! So I'm pissed now. What I should mention is that I was going to be stuck in this hot room for like 3 hours without a break and that water is the only water I could get for that amount of time. So now after slaving away for a few hours, I'm hot and dying of thirst and want my cold bottle of water that was CLEARY marked with my name on it that I had already drank from! 

The guy walks back into the room as I'm holding the bottle. I immediately pounced. "DUDE! Did you drink my water?!" He then had the nerve to respond with, "Oh was that your water?"

Me: Um yeah! It has my name right on it. 
Him: Oh well we have a Jennifer that works for us. 
Me: Um well clearly she isn't here today because there's only been the three of us in this room ALL morning. Do you randomly drink her water? You didn't bring it here so clearly you knew it wasn't yours to be drinking. 
Him: I didn't realize it. 
Me: Well you realized it had someone else's name on it that was JENNIFER! That's like stealing. You knew it was mine, you got thirsty and didn't care and drank it. That's called STEALING and RUDE. 
Him: (quickly because he knew he got caught) I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Me: I want another bottle of water. Replace it. 
Him: I'll get you one today. 
Me: Um no, Go replace it. I should report you for STEALING! 

Then you tries to say that I had placed it in his area of the room. That's when my coworker got involved and called BS on it and was like um dude that's not your space and it was her bottle of water and you knew it. 

Needless to say, he returned with a new, sealed bottle of water. He did give me the stink eye the rest of the day but I didn't care. You know why? BECAUSE HE KNEW HE TOOK IT DELIBERATELY. 



lil desiqua said...

Who DOES that?! That's so ridiculous- it had your name on it! Proud of you for calling him on it, he deserved it, and now maybe he'll get his own dang water!

Anonymous said...

omg! I can't believe someone would steal someones water. Had it been opened yet? I would never take it if it was someone else or if it had been open.


Deidre said...

Actually, in my office things get stolen, iphone cords get taken from my desk and are never returned. It is so rude.

Sara said...

Times like these, you should totally joke around and say "Damn! I forgot my herpes medication at home!" or "Man, I hope you liked my laxative water..." LOL...

Unknown said...

I was just talking about stuff like this the other day. I don't get that. You know you didn't bring it, why eat it/drink it. That's just down right rude!

Anonymous said...

you GO GIRL for saying something!

Steph said...

That's awfully tuff of you to call him out like that. I'm impressed with your badassness.