Monday, October 19, 2015

55 Days Till I Do

We are 55 days out from our wedding. It's crazy to think that almost a year of planning is finally coming to an end and all of our wedding dreams will become a reality. It's been crunch time around here and I've been trying to get my long list of things to-do crossed off. I still feel like I have so much to do but I was able to get the following done this weekend...

Ordered our cake topper.
Found & Bought my wedding shoes.
Finalized our lighting.
Got the final paper work for the DJ that we need to fill out.
Worked with our venue on the layout.
Started the place cards.
We always enjoy going to our venue. On Saturday we headed to Pleasanton to go through some day of details and afterwards we walked around the property and hung out in front of the mantle that we will say I DO in front of. We also planned where we will do our first look. We have a day of coordinator who's from the venue. She's been helping us for the past year with the venue and knows the details of how we want everything. I'm glad someone else can stress on the day of besides me.

The next things up on the To-Do list are...

My first alterations appointment.
Getting our wedding insurance certificate
Finding a card box.
Finishing the place cards
Beginning the seating chart
Wish us good luck! I've heard people say it takes them hours to do their seating chart.


Alexandra S said...

Good luck! That is so exciting! The trick with the seating chart is for the two of you to sit down, figure it out and DONT SHOW ANYONE haha I know family usually means well, but decide how you want it and don't second guess it or let others mess with it. Then it shouldn't take you too long :)

Unknown said...

Good luck! I'm sure your special day will be beautiful!

Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

So fun! It looks like you are hammering through your to-do-list!

Unknown said...

Try not to stress to much and just enjoy the process. I actually really enjoyed planning my wedding. The most stressful thing for me was finding my dress, and it seems like you already have yours.