Friday, February 19, 2016

Wedding Cake

Our wedding cake was four layers of amazing flavors. The top and bottom tiers were marble with a chocolate fudge filling. The second layer was white cake with a strawberry filling. The third layer was a chocolate with chocolate mousse filling. The entire frosting was buttercream. I wanted the fondant look but I think it tastes awful so our bakery was able to pull off the look with thick buttercream. The top layer of our cake was saved and is in our freezer waiting to be tasted for our first anniversary.
We went back and forth trying to decide on a cake topper. We wanted something that fit in well with our winter wonderland theme. We didn't want to do something too Christmas themed because our cake was going to have the snowflakes. We originally were going to do little bears in a tux and veil but at the last minute we saw these wire initials on Etsy and loved them! We custom ordered them and a month later they arrived in time!

We wanted our cake table to stand out from the rest of our tables so we chose a different linen to go over it. It was a hit! We also had one of our programs on it and our toasting flutes.



Kenya said...

That cake is so pretty and i'm sure it tasted amazing good. I also can't stand fondant and hate that so many people use it now... so gross! LOL

The Flynnigans said...

Fondant IS disgusting. I wish I had gotten buttercream over fondant but oh well. The edible portions of the cake were delicious, I think we had raspberry lemon if my memory isn't failing me.

I just love everything about your wedding. It's just beautiful and you guys look so relaxed. :)

Molly said...

This is really cute and the flavors sound so good!

Molly and Stacie

Penny @ Penny's Passion said...

What is beautiful cake! It's just gorgeous!

zerry ht said...

Everything is looking perfect! Wedding cake took my heart. It’s among the most beautiful cakes I have ever seen. Pretty soon, I will be getting married at one of wedding venues Los Angeles. Feeling so excited!