Thursday, January 3, 2019

2019 Goals

I hate the phrase "New Years Resolutions" so I always call them my goals for the year.

Like I said the other day. I want to bring the blogging back in blogs. I'm hoping I can come here several times a week and write about daily life, exciting new things, etc. I use to blog all the time and I know saying having a baby would be the easy out but it isn't. We all still spend time on our phones, looking at instagram etc. I try to be really careful about my time with my son though. When I'm with him, I try to be present. So it does make it challenging but hey, I figure I can sleep when I'm dead.

I love to read. Seriously, if my husband could live without a television, I think I could be OK with not having one for several months at a time. I could get caught up on the giant stack of books that I have and want to read. Last year I read 22 books and this year I'm hoping to continue reading that many if not more. My mother got me several books for Christmas (because I'm old school and like to actually hold the book in my hand, not a device to read) and I have already started one. And what's better than curling up under a warm blanket and reading in the winter?!

Ahh... travel. Anyone who says they don't love to travel just hasn't had the right experience yet. I love to travel and while it can be tiring and exhausting with a baby it's all worth it in the experience department. I would love for us to go a few places in 2019. I have always been wanting to go to see Mount Rushmore. I think that could be really fun. I've always wanted to go to Niagara Falls. My husband went years ago with his family so he's actually been there already. I would love for us to go back to Hawaii. We of course, have to go to Pigeon Forge. Travel could be a little different for us this year though considering my next goal.

One word- Money. I want to save money. I want to retire when my son graduates high school so I've got 17 years and 2 months to save and pay things off. I'm a somewhat responsible adult and have a retirement with my job and a pension being added to every month, I also have a 401K but saving is always a good thing. I've actually started saving for my son too. I need to get him an account set up and when he turns 18 he can have access to it. Maybe it'll send him on a senior trip.

We eat out a lot. A quick trip to In n Out, a Chipotle dinner, pizza on a Friday etc. Well enough is enough. We have decided to only eat out once a week. That includes all three meals so if you pick up that sausage biscuit for breakfast tomorrow that was your ONE time for the week. So far I've made 2 days of food and we are lined up for the next two. If you have any meal plan tips or recipes then send them my way! And... as a bonus this adds into saving because food isn't cheap!

What are some of your resolutions or goals?