Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Bringing the Blog in Blogging Back

Where did blogging go? I started back in May of 2010 and things in the blogging community were far different than they are today. Back then everyone was on a BlogSpot or WordPress. No one had super fancy, website looks with links and tags to instagram (well to be fair instagram didn't exist yet). We didn't link our entire outfits to a site and made you click on it to find out where we got our shirt from. We just told you in the post. We didn't wear 500.00 shirts either! Who has the money for that?! And those Gucci belts...

We had other bloggers come over and be our guests. We did link ups talking about our Mondays, meals and television shows. We talked about our daily lives.

I miss that kind of blogging.

Half the people I follow on social media today- instagram and facebook, are the people that I "met" online back then. We shared our entire lives. If they went through a break-up then you went through it too. When they bought houses, you celebrated, when they started having babies you cheered them on and wished them good luck. Very few blogged full time for income. Now so much you see is "click this link to find out where I got this" or sponsored posts of "Oh, this tea is so fabulous!". Is it really? Is that tea that fabulous or are you trying to make a buck? Just say it girlfriend! We know you don't really like the tea! Haha! It's ok that you want to make money. Just throw us a little content about your life on the blog too! Don't post ads all day long and call it your life. Last time I checked we weren't machines.

Well I'm making it my mission this year to bring real blogging back. I'm hear to TELL you what shirt I'm wearing, talk about the vacations we go on. The shows we are watching. The books I'm reading. The real life ups and downs because that's what blogging should really be about. Not 10 different angles of me in an overpriced t-shirt and belt that half the people reading can't afford or better yet, place in their online shopping cart but will never buy.

So what will I be blogging about here the most? Life. Daily life because when you have a 10 month old, a full time job, a husband, a cat real life happens daily. Do we go on vacations during the year? Yes and hopefully this year we will again. We also have a first birthday party to plan for February! But I plan on trying to blog and blog about life. I miss going to my old favorites and reading about their life as well. While I love instagram, it's only photos a few lines of caption. It doesn't tell a real daily life story.

Also, I'm really going to get into food this year and not just the shoving it into my face kind. We are going to try to only eat out once a week in our house. We are going to make all our meals for Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Shewww, just saying it out loud makes me a little nervous but I know we can do it! So I'm sure I'll be sharing and talking about those ups and downs with new cooking adventures. I'm also going to get back to baking. Did I mention I have a 10 month old? Yeah... let's throw that into the mix of cooking and baking. I'm a first time mom and I plan for him to be an only child so this is a whole new territory for me. That in itself is a daily blog story.

Am I the only person who misses real blogging? While I have my favorite girls on instagram that I follow who do link their clothing etc, I'd just love to see them blog as well! Come join me in this blogging journey. I'm calling on all my old favorites!


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Lucky Lady said...

I agree! I miss real blogging, too!

Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

Fully miss real blogging too!!