Friday, January 4, 2019

A Deep Look Into The Edge

Have you ever seen the movie The Edge?

It premiered in 1997 and stars Alec Baldwin and Anthony Hopkins. I had not seen it till years after it's  initial release. So if you haven't seen it still, don't feel bad, I don't think it was a major winner back in the 1997 box office. Before you read on there could be what some people consider a few spoilers right at the beginning...

The Edge is about a very rich man Charles (played by Anthony Hopkins) and his very young model wife Mickey (Elle Macpherson) and a photography crew head off to a remote part of Alaska to complete a photo shoot. While there the main photographer Bob (Alec Baldwin) and friend to Mickey decide that they need a specific looking man who's a local to be in some of the photographs. When they find out from the lodge owner that he's went bear hunting further north, they charter a plane to go in search of him. Bob, Charles and fellow photographer Stephen all head off in search of him. When they get to the cabin, they find a note on the door that he's gone further north and the pilot agrees to take them to the spot.

Suddenly a gust of birds cause the plane to crash and they are stranded in an area where their friends and family back at the lodge had no idea they went to. It's up to the three of them to survive and make it back to civilization or until help can reach them. It's also freezing cold and they have no supplies with them. I won't tell you the whole movie so if you want to see if they survive or not go watch it. I believe it's available for free on Amazon Prime.

Last year, when I was watching it, I noticed the shocking amount  of times that Alec Baldwin mentioned the main character's name- Charles. Literally, he said it so many times that I started to wonder how many times he actually said it during the course of the movie. Next, I did what I think anyone would do nowadays and I went to google and asked, "how many times does Bob say Charles in the movie The Edge". Guess what? After many articles later no one could really tell me. So I did what any crazy person would do and the next time I watched the movie, I counted. Nope, not kidding. I actually sat there and kept a running tally to find out how many times he says it. Let me tell you, it was a lot!

Alec Baldwin aka Bob said Charles a total of 87 times.

No wonder it sounded repetitive in the movie. He literally says it all the time. I'm sure they made this on purpose but shewwwwww..... that's a lot of times to hear the name Charles.

If you've seen the movie, did you notice how many he says Charles? I think I've said it at least 5 times during this post because of it.