Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Skeezer Part II

In my previous post Skeezer, I asked all of you what is your definition of a skeezer? If you haven't given your ideas yet, please still free to do so. Now, some of you told me you had never heard this word. Also, I was asked what my definition of a skeezer is.
Remember this is just my own opinions. 

A Skeezer- Is a word I use to describe men or behavior done by said man. Skeezy behavior can be anything from they undressing you with their eyes in public, to lying about having a girlfriend. I reserve the phrase "Skeezy Mr.Skeezster" for those special guys who use the ultimate pick up lines such as "I'm looking to settle down. I'm ready to have a relationship, get married and start a family." Then the next day you find out they're plowing girls all over town.

Also I've began using the phrase for guys who want to be your friend after break ups. You know the kind I'm talking about. The ones who don't want you to hate them. They love you, they care about you....yet they don't want to be with you. Yet they want to be your friend. Um..yeah, ok? No. They still want to call you, talk to you, call you pet names and pretend they didn't stomp on your heart. Um...yeah, no. That's skeezy. 

I loved all of your opinions on What makes someone skeezy. I love the elevator test. I also agree with a lot of you when you said you rely on your gut. However, I've been burned many times now and I feel my gut reaction to some people is wrong. I feel like I walk around surrounded with brick walls and barb wire. How can you let someone into your life after you've had it crushed over and over again? 


Unknown said...

Okay so totally catching up, so sorry I have been ignoring your blog the last few... not really but it is a good sentiment!

Skeezy... It is worse than Sleezy... it is those people who only think of themselves and never in a million years would ever think someone could dare think bad of them. They are the ultimate everything and if this was england we would be kissing their toes!

That said I think men are pigs... even with mine home and things good I still look at him and think WOW what a pig... but at least I love him! LOL

Abbie said...

I had always reserved the word "skeeze" for women only; you know the skanky, slutty kind who would pretty much do anything for the tiniest bit of attention from a man but after reading what you have to say I'm definitely re-evaluating my definition! I'm pretty sure you've hit the nail on the head. One of my best girlfriends is going through the same deal (like you said, her ex and Matt must hang out). I can only assume what's going on with you right now, but hang in there and trust your heart.

Pretty Zesty said...

undressing with the eyes is a big skeezoid characteristic. YUCK!

Ashley @ {Let Go, Laughing} said...

oh so true! undressing with the eyes and pretending to want a family and settle down is totally skeezy!

Katie said...

LOVE the skeezy posts.

And I think you have every right to be cautious and have your wall up

Anonymous said...

Skeezy guys are icky. :(