Friday, October 10, 2014

Let's Shout It!

It's Friday!
I always get excited when it's Friday. Eight hours stands between me and two days off. My office participates in casual Friday so that makes the eight hours more tolerable. That's what I actually want to talk about today. Clothing. Since going to work in an office setting, I've had to work on my wardrobe. Here's five items I'm really loving and wanting. WINK WINK!

1. Escape to the Rockies Sweater.

2. The Real Deal Leather Trim Satchel.

3. This amazing sweater.

4. This amazing cape from Sheinside...

5. This leather jacket! Another Sheinside special.

See, now I've made you want more clothing. Check out these great pieces. I want them all!


SWMNBN said...

I sooooo want that leather jacket!!!!!! Happy Friday!

Unknown said...

I don't usually like that style, but I'm digging that escape to the rockies sweater.

Anonymous said...

The sweaters are nice.