Monday, October 6, 2014

Weekend Review

Happy Monday! If there is such a thing.

I love my weekends and I always hate to see them end. Recapping the weekend on Monday makes the day a little more tolerable. So let's dive right in!

Friday's in our house is considered Friday Date Night! This Friday when I got home from work we headed out to dinner. We went over to Roseville and hit up Tahoe Joes. I had never ate there before so it was something new. If you can guess from the name, it has a Lake Tahoe, California theme. A lot of their menu items also incorporate Tahoe in their theme. If you are ever in California hit up one of their locations because the food is good!

I got the pork chops and Beezy got the ribs.

On Saturday, we went to the movies and watched Gone Girl.
I had read the book when it first came out and thought it was great. Beezy hadn't read the book but he had heard about the movie. He refused to watch any previews. He wanted to know as little as possible before going to watch it. When the movie was over, he loved it. He still can't believe the ending. I thought this was one of the rare cases that the movie was by far better than the book. I think Ben Affleck did a great job and so did the woman playing Amy. You should go see it whether you've read the book or not!

Apart from going out to eat and going to the movies, I spent my weekend running errands and cleaning the house. It's amazing how much clutter can happen when you're busy working all week. I did however make my first trip this holiday season to Hobby Lobby. I ended up getting Tesco his stocking!

I'm gearing up for the holidays!!! That's how you have a happy Monday!


Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

I was wondering about the film and I will definitely go watch it. Probably tomorrow since it's a cheap movie day. hahahaha!

Sounds like you had a great weekend overall. Now let this week begin... :)

Happy Monday.

Why Girls Are Weird said...

I love the Gone Girl book and just saw the movie last night. And of course love the movie too. It was AMAZING.

lil desiqua said...

I can't wait to see Gone Girl. I loved the book, but glad to hear that the movie is even better! And that food looks so tasty- sounds like a great weekend!