Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Kings Are Back!

Tonight starts the 2014-2015 Sacramento Kings season! Woo hoo!

Last year Beezy was a season ticket holder and we went to a ton of games together. I think we'll always have a special place in our hearts for the Kings. This is where Beezy and I started spending a lot of time together and hanging out frequently. We would go to the games and sit and laugh together. We'd make up nicknames for people that we'd see over and over attending the games and just have special moments. It all went down right in Section 108 together. He'd pay for the tickets and parking and I'd buy him drinks and food. We always had our system. We'd get there, get our food and drinks and head to the seats. Then of course came the photos. We started the tradition without even realizing it. Before every game we'd take a photo together. One of us was usually unhappy with how it turned out so we'd take a few before we got one we both liked enough to post. That's where these originated...

Like I said, we went to a lot of games together. So naturally when this season started to roll around we went in on season tickets. Why wouldn't we? It's here in Sacramento, it has a special place in our hearts and we enjoy going to the games. So we went and picked out our seats a few months ago with his cousin (who's splitting some of the games with us).

This year we're sitting in a new section so we're sure to see some interesting new characters. But I know one thing, we're going to have a great time at the games! So last week when the box came from FedEx with our Kings tickets in it for the season we were very excited. When you're a season ticket holder your tickets are actually on a card like a credit card. So you can just scan the card and enter the game. If you want an actual ticket printed you can do it at home or show it on your mobile app.

Tonight is the first pre-season game and I bet you know where you can find us! Hopefully these guys will be looking good and win, win, win! If you happen to be at the game and see us say hello! We aren't shy!