Friday, October 31, 2014

October Ipsy

The October Ipsy bag has finally arrived.
My October Ipsy finally made it's way to my door earlier this week. What's ipsy you might be asking? Ipsy is a monthly subscription that for the low price of $10.00 including shipping you can receive 5-6 beauty products. They send everything from hair care products to foot lotions. It's a great way to try out new things without paying the price of a full size product. Plus if you love getting real mail it's a nice little treat in the mailbox each month. Here's what I got this month...
1. ECRU New York: Acacia Protein BB Cream for Hair.
Lately Ipsy has been sending me one hair care item in each bag. While this product might be nice, I've got a few others to try first. I've been using the full size item they sent me a few months ago and I'm sticking with it. This does have a great smell to it.
2. Indie Lee Brightening Cleanser.
I had never heard of this brand but I'm excited to try it! The smell is amazing. It smells like fresh strawberries and seems to have good texture. I've read some reviews and everyone says it's great. Since my skin is really sensitive I get nervous about facial items but this one sounds like it could be a winner.
3. Noyah Lipstick: Deeply in Mauve shade.
There is absolutely nothing positive I could say about this lipstick. The packaging for the sample was cheap. The color was way to dark for my skin tone AND the fact that I do not wear lipstick and that I've told IPSY this every month they have sent me a lip product. When I see the lip products I get sad. It's a waste!
4. Figs & Rouge Hand Cream in Mango Mandarin.
This was one of two full size products that came in my bag. It's amazing. The smell is not too strong which I like and it feels like you are rubbing butter onto your hands. It makes them feel so soft! I'm going to have to get my mom some of this!
5. Jesse's Girl Eye Shadow in Graphite Frost.
This was the second full size product in my bag. I love eye shadows. I mean really. I have a small addiction to eye shadow. I had honestly never heard of the brand but it's nice. The packaging was appealing and it felt expensive. I wasn't sold on the color that I got but it's nice. I'm going to check them out and look for other colors.
Overall, I really liked this months bag!
If you want to try Ipsy use this link! You'll get a little gift and I will too!