Wednesday, December 23, 2009

10,000 tons of ice cream

Does anyone ever feel like this kid? No? Hmm...well I sure did yesterday.
I feel like all I've done this holiday season is go, "I want that." or "I must have it!" When I've been out holiday shopping, I'll admit it...I might have thrown an elbow or two when another shopping "got up in my grill." 
Truth is, I don't need anything (but's always nice to get gifts on the holidays), what I hope to continue to have is good health, to feel loved, my job and a roof over my head. 

In other news, my friends' law firm Christmas party I mentioned the other day, well it's today. I finally, figured out what I was wearing, late last night, of course. And no, I'm not wearing the dress that I talked about and linked to. This is a brand new dress. It's getting it's debut wearing at this function. Hopefully it'll be a lot of fun. It's open bar so if not at least sorrows can be drowned. 

Since tomorrow's post will be a Theater Thursday (last Christmas edition) insert sad face here. I'm going to go ahead and post my letter to Santa today....
Dear Santa, 
Has anyone ever told you that 365 days is a long time to be good? Well it is! Anyways, I may or may not have been the nicest girl but I've tried pretty hard this year. Considering the year that I've lived and some of the situations I've been put in, I feel I'm on the nice list :) So, with that I'm asking for something for Christmas. Please, oh please, pretty please bring me that shiny new iphone. Also if you could work on that other situation we've touched on before...well that would be wonderful as well. As always, I'll leave the cookies by the tree.
Thanks. J


Pamela said...

Sometimes I feel a bit greedy too. I agree, good health, a job and a roof over my head should and is enough. But every now and then asking for a bit more is okay :)

I hope you get your iphone-you will love it!

Ashley said...

Love your letter to Santa! Have fun tonight and take lots of pics! David got me an iPhone for Christmas. WEll he gave it to me last week. I LOVE IT!!!

Samantha said...

send me cookies! ;)
Have fun at the open bar... I mean xmas party!

chelsea said...

I sincerely love Veruca Salt!

Unknown said...

Sometimes I feel like that too. Like right now, I'm dreaming of a new purse I saw at the mall, but I just bought one!

Have fun at the party tonight, I'm sure you'll look great in your new dress!

SS said...

On the inside, I kind of feel like that little snot too often. Thank goodness I manage to contain her or nobody would be my friend.

Yes, I admit it. I do want what I want when I want, but I'm mature enought to realize that isn't reality and there is a huge difference between want and need. I am fortunate enough to not need for anything and that is about as good as it can get.

Treat yourself... you have earned it.

Mr. and Mrs. Top Gun said...

I totally feel greedy right now. It's bad, and I feel sorry for myself on top of it- All I have done today is whine about my husband not being home and deployed, when I darn well know there are others out there whose husbands are gone for a year!

I am full of it today :) Hope you get the iphone!!! Loved mine when I had it in the states.

Kate said...

I hope you have a great Christmas!
I can't wait to see what movie you picked for the last edition of Christmas themed Theater Thursday!

Anonymous said...

i want an iphone too! i hope you get that from santa! and i feel greedy a lot too. sigh, i had that little shopping spree on monday and feel like i should have donated the money to charity. sigh. anyway, hope that party was fun! can't wait to see what you wore!

Katie said...

I hope the party went well! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!