Thursday, June 24, 2010

Theater Thursday

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Every Thursday here at Crazy Shenanigans is Theater Thursday. That's when I pick a movie I love and review it. There's only one rule for Theater Thursday, it must be out on dvd and not currently in the actual theater. If you wanna play along, grab the button on the side & link up. 
This week's featured movie is, Mogambo!
Made in 1953, Mogambo stars Clark Gable as Victor Marshall who owns a game trapping company down in Kenya. One day he comes back from a safari to find Eloise (Ava Gardner) stranded in his camp. Eliose who thought she was surprising a mid-eastern prince has missed him by a week and is now stranded in the jungle without a penny to her name. 
An instant attraction occurs between Victor and Eloise, that is until Nordley's show up. Mr. & Mrs. Nordley have come down to Kenya and have sought out Victor's expertise on tracking wild animals to record for studying purposes. Linda Nordley (Grace Kelly) finds herself attracted to Victor even though he is the complete opposite of her husband. 
Who does Victor end up with? Well you'll just have to watch it to find out. This movie in my opinion is an under rated classic. It was actually filmed in Kenya and other parts of Africa. It's a great film so if you've never seen it, GET IT! 


Steph @ Professors_Wife said...

I jumped on the train! And I want to watch your movie - I think my mom would dig it, maybe she and I need to have a mother daughter movie date when i visit her :)

Anonymous said...

I have never seen this movie! I may just have to check it out, but I typically don't enjoy "older" films. Plus, I like Clark as Rhett. :O)

Megan said...

I LOVE Clark Gable...I once wanted to own a set of dogs and name one Clark Gable and the other Vivian Leigh.

Anonymous said...

I love this movie and agree that it's quite undervalued. Of course I adore Clark Gable, so I'm a bit biased.