Friday, January 31, 2014

Five on Friday

1. Wednesday night Beezy and I headed to the Kings Game. They took on the Memphis Grizzlies and lost. The kings need to get it together. Its like they'll win two or three games and then lose and lose. They did announce the new stadium this week so that's something.
And then I decided to act silly at the game...

2. The week before Christmas Nike released a special edition pair of Jordan shoes. Apparently once they release shoes that's it. They become something called Dead Stock because they'll never have them out in stores again. Well... beezy really wanted these shoes. He couldn't get them in Sacramento because the stores were crazy with people. I tried to get them while I was in West Virginia since the crowds would probably be smaller. Nope! I tried and tried and no one had them and in his size. Well after scouring the internet and getting the help of friends for over a month.... I got the shoes.

3. I made a Chocolate Cream Pie for the first time. The people who ate it said that it tasted good so I hope they weren't lying.
4. I'm working on another yarn wreath. This one is for Easter. I'm also thinking of making them for every holiday coming up. I'm also thinking of making a balloon wreath. Has anyone made those or know how?

5. I've made major progress with Tesco the cat. He's finally starting to come around some when I'm in his presence. If you want to know more about Tesco you can find him on Instagram at Tescothecat.


Meghan said...

Those are some sweet shoes! Seriously, men love shoes just as much as women sometimes! That's awesome that you found them!

Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

Happy Friday girl. Love the chocolate cream looks delish! I'm sure it was good. :)


Anonymous said...

At least you're making headway with the cat!