Monday, January 27, 2014

Weekend Review

I've really been working on what I've been eating. I knew going into this year that I really wanted to focus on my eating habits and working out. I'm happy to report the past two weeks, I've been eating better. I've consumed more fruit and vegetables and got my fill of protein. I've even working out on my treadmill a few times now. Am I still eating other food that I probably shouldn't? Yep. BUT I'm eating it in less quantities and I'm aware of that.

This was a nice snack...
I've tried four different flavors of Quest Bars and this has been my favorite one so far. The Double Chocolate Chunk. It's only 160 calories, has less than 1 gram of sugar and 20 grams of protein. Now that's a protein bar people. I've also become obsessed with the song...
It seriously kept me going on the treadmill the other day. I had originally heard it at the Kings game but never knew what song it was until last week when I was in the car it came on. I love it! I always have the beat stuck in my head.
I'm still trying to make friends with this cat. His name is Tesco. I've learned if I brush him he'll at least sit there and pretend to like me.
I bought two more owls at the craft store. Beezy and I turned them into Elvis and his number one fan. Beezy did the Elvis one and I was very impressed. He portrayed him in the famous Rainfall jumpsuit.
Speaking of the Kings. I went to the Kings game on Friday night. They played the Indiana Pacers. The Kings have been on a good playing streak and they played a great game. They lost it by only a few points in overtime.
Now it's Monday and I'm already ready for the weekend! Can someone I know win the lottery and give me a million. I think I could make that last long enough!


Anonymous said...

I'm still trying to get an eating plan together but since we here in Aus have had such bad heat waves I haven't felt like eating much.

Funny how eating less in summer doesn't make you lose weight!!!!

Gorgeous cat, maybe offering him food might help, and very cute owls!