Monday, January 13, 2014

Weekend Review

This past weekend I got everything at my house in place. When I came back to California from being in West Virginia for the holidays, I knew I wanted to finally bite the bullet and buy a new couch. I had been researching and looking online and in ads for weeks. I knew that I wanted a gray sectional and in microfiber. A few days before I had left for WV, I got an ad in the mail that had a perfect one in it. I looked it up online in West Virginia and loved it. I contacted the store to see if they had it in the style that I wanted and they did for a reasonable price.

Last week, I finally went to the store, found the couch, sat down on it and loved it. I bought it right then and had to wait the week for it to be delivered.
I love how it ended up looking in my living room. Now I just want to find a new area rug that will bring my red bucket chairs to my gray couch. The hunt is on! I think I can find one fairly soon but we shall see. I'm saving my money for vacations.

The next new piece of furniture I got was a foyer table. For Christmas I was gifted the Khloe Foyer table from World Market. I had been wanting this table for over a year. I tried to buy it myself a few months ago but they were sold out in store and I was so worried they were going to discontinue it before I could get it. So when I got it for the holiday, I was pretty excited.
The next thing that had to get set up was my treadmill. Getting the treadmill should be a short story but it isn't. See... here's what happened, Santa bought me a treadmill but since I went back to West Virginia for Christmas it had to be purchased and shipped after Christmas since I needed it to be sent to California. Well the treadmill was ordered and I sat at home all day waiting on it to come like it was suppose to. Long story short, I called UPS and they said they had never received the package. A treadmill is hard to lose. So we contacted Amazon and they basically said, OH YEAH we didn't tell you but it sold out and we don't have one to fulfill your order so we've cancelled it and we're going to give you the money back. Gee thanks.

So the search for a new treadmill continued. We found one and placed the order. It would arrive in 3-4 days. The next day a treadmill shows up.... the one that they said they didn't have to fulfill the first order. Umm..... what the heck? So I waited around and two days later my second treadmill showed up. I put that one together and now it's rocking! And when I say, "I" put it together, I really mean I made Beezy put it together for me while I watched.
I've already used it once and let me tell you a manual treadmill is no joke. You are always at an incline and it's your own legs that propel the belt. I'm tired from just saying all that. Sheesh! But it's about working on my fitness so that's what I'm doing. I ended the weekend by watching the Sacramento Kings beat the Orlando Magic with none other than Beezy. Maybe next year I'll get my own season tickets so he can take someone else instead of me hijacking his tickets all year long. Ha!
How was your weekend?


Deidre said...

That couch looks so comfy. and I'm tired just HEARING about the manual treadmill :)

Anonymous said...

I hate it when companies you do business with don't bother telling you "minor" details like "we don't have one so we'll give your money back".

Amber said...

LOVE that couch. I love sectionals like that. And your foyer table is gorgeous!! I want a treadmill of my own. Maybe I'd actually use it, ha!

lil desiqua said...

I am in love with your couch. I seriously seriously need a couch- but I've been doing lots of research and think I found one, I just need to get to the store and sit on it!

Wait- so did you return the other one to Amazon? Or get your money back? Good luck finding a rug- should be easier than the couch!

LaNeshe said...

That is a lovely couch! Nice new editions!