Tuesday, March 8, 2016

5 Days of My Fashion

A Red Dress Boutique Day
I got this top and skirt from the now famous Red Dress Boutique. I was shopping online with them before they ever went on Shark Tank. Their clothing use to be much more reasonably priced. The skirt was a clearance item and I've had it for years! The top is also from them.

Rehearsal Dress
This dress for me will always be known as my rehearsal dress no matter where or when I wear it. I first wore this dress on the night of my wedding rehearsal for our dinner. A lot of people think it's just a skirt with a black top but it's a dress.

This dress is comfortable and has pockets! It's strapless and I always wear it with a jacket.

Blogger top
I first saw this top on another blogger's instagram. I immediately wanted it! It was super cheap from Forever 21. It's true.... blogging all day!

Stitch Fix Day
This skirt was in my March stitch fix box. I thought it looked really nice in photographs and suited my style. It also fit like a glove. The diamond pattern also made it something that you don't see in every store.
Let's see what I come up with next week!