Tuesday, March 1, 2016

6 Days of Fashion

I've been working on my fashion this year and trying to get out of the rut of just wearing jeans each day. I have tons of clothing in my closet and I'm brining them out! This week I sported some new looks. I even had to rip the tags off of some items...
Black and Grey Pencil Skirt
I am loving skirts right now! It made me feel very 9 to 5

Kaleidoscope top
I bought this top in Los Angeles years ago and never wore it. Funny story. I was in a store and had to use the bathroom. I'm talking Can't hold it kind of need to use the bathroom. They would only let me use their bathroom if I was a paying customer so I bought this shirt as fast as possible and then used their restroom.

Tribal Business
This tribal front zip up skirt can be for business or pleasure. Wait? Did that sound right? Anyways the skirt is easy to dress up or down depending on day or night wear.

Causal trendy jeans
These jeans are comfortable and trendy. I run around all over town in them and don't feel constricted like some jeans can make you feel.

All American
All this outfit is missing is the white. The stripe skirt and the blue top make me feel all American in this outfit. It's really comfortable and very business.

Seeing Stars
I love this top and I got it for $7.00! It's light, fun and doesn't feel too business. Since I'm way into the movie The Martian, I especially loved wearing this one!
Now it's time to pull out some new looks for next week!


Anonymous said...

Love the top, it's very me...lol