Friday, March 18, 2016

Easter Baskets

Easter is right around the corner! When I was growing up every Easter Sunday I would get in my new dress, head off to church and open my Easter basket that the Easter bunny dropped off the night before. You can see my 1986 year was a good one...

Once I got older we kept up the tradition of giving each other baskets. Year after year we figure out little gifts to stick inside them and on Easter Sunday the bunny leaves us some goodies to open up. This year will be no different as one basket is taken care of already and I'm working on the other two. Here's a few items I'd like to see in my basket...

1. Elvis Tumbler & Elvis Clambake Sound track
I keep a cup on my desk at work for water and this would be a great one to have on my desk year round! My favorite Elvis movie is Clambake so it should be only fitting that I finally get the soundtrack.

2. Christmas Adult Coloring Book and Colored Pencils

My other love besides Elvis is Christmas! I have had this coloring book in my amazon cart for months! I'd love to get an adult Christmas coloring book and some colored pencils!

3. Amazon Gift Card
Who doesn't love a good amazon gift card? I have so much stuff sitting in my amazon cart. Am I the only person who just adds stuff to their cart all the time? Well I do.
4. Telescope
I actually already own a telescope but it's still in West Virginia. I would love to be able to see Mars when we make a pass at it next month. It won't be this close again for another two years. I'm ready to see the red planet up close!

Do you still do Easter baskets in your family?


Susannah said...

Nate and I did Easter baskets for one another our first Easter married but we've realized that we're both just not gifts people so we don't do it anymore. Caleb's still too young to care about his basket but next year I'm planning on really starting it up!