Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Game, Set, Match

Yesterday something occurred which caused me to stop, smile, laugh and then over analyze the crap out of it.

Remember the last guy I talked about on my What Not to Say/Do on a Date segments? If not, here is the story. Let's just say that after that "date", I had expected to never hear from him again. Well Monday afternoon rolls around and I hear my phone beep. I had a text message. I grab my phone and I see that it's him. Hmm... this is interesting.

He's asking me how my Christmas went. Game. I play into whatever game is now started and tell him how my Christmas went. I'm not completely rude and I have no reason to hate the guy (I actually think he's pretty nice). I ask him how his holiday went and he tells me. Then he asks me if I'd like to hang out that night. Say what?

I was working overtime that day so I tell him that I'm not getting off till the late evening and that if he wanted to hang out it couldn't be until later in the evening. He tells me that's fine and that I could just come over and hang out. Set.

I agree to the time and place and tell him that I'll see him later that night.

Literally 2 hours later, I get another message from him telling me that he has to cancel. That something came up for work and that he has to travel two hours to get the problem fixed. He also tells me in the text that maybe we can hang out when he gets back (not that night but another time). Match.

At first I didn't think anything about it. So ok, maybe he was bored, lonely, whatever and wanted to have someone to hang out with and thought of me. Sure that's fine and honestly maybe something really did come up. BUT what if it was all a game? Maybe after our last hang out, the fact that I never called him, never texted him, never had any contact what so ever made him feel like he was off his game.

So now I started to wonder, did he ask me to hang out just to see if I'd say yes and really had no plans of us actually hanging out? Well if so, then I clap my hands to him that's a great Game, Set, Match.


The Thirty-Something Bride said...

You're wasting your time on this loser. Based on your lukewarm first date and this bull, I'd say delete the number from your phone and ignore him. You can do better.

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I honestly don't think most men are smart enough to play games like that - that's more a woman thing. I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt and say he was just lonely, thought of you and then something came up.

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

Very interesting. I think it's funny he said "maybe" we can hang out when he gets back. Like it would be some huge favor to you when in fact he was the one to initiate it all in the first place. What a douch canoe.

Eric said...

Ok, so from a guy's point of view, this is probably what was going through his head:

He was lonely. He may have been at home, watching a Charlie Brown special on TV, and thinking to himself, "FML. It sucks to be alone during the holidays. Let me call Crazy Shenanigans and see what's she's up to."

He probably texted a couple of other girls too, and the first available girl got the "pleasure" of his company.

After he set the tentative date with you for later that night, another girl probably agreed to meet him at an earlier time. And since he's likely only looking for a hook-up, he chose her. That's when he came up with the bogus excuse about traveling for work.

I think you're better off. He sounds immature.

Steph said...

Who in the heck knows what he was thing? At least you can find humor in it. His loss dear.

Nicole said...

Oh men! Uhmmm I don't think he was playing games, but I do think he was lonely maybe bored....I think we're giving him too much credit! I don't think men think like that! :)

Ashley said...

Oh goodness..maybe he got nervous to hang out with you? Just don't say anything to him about hanging out again and see if he contacts you again. Men are whack sometimes...especially in the dating scene!

Patience said...

I think he wanted to hang out, but he realized it was going to be a while before you got off work and he found somethign else to do. His loss.

Unknown said...

Boys are stupid. The End. I should clarify...most single boys are stupid because they don't have a woman there to tell them when they're being stupid.

Unknown said...

oh my gosh, stressful!

i hate when someone asks YOU to hang out, then cancels and says something like, "maybe i can squeeze you in another time..." ummm, weren't they the ones who initiated the hang out?!?

frustrating and stressful!

Sarah said...

Oh good grief. There is NO telling with that guy.