Thursday, May 19, 2011

Theater Thursday

It's Thursday so that can only mean one thing... it's Theater Thursday!! This week's featured movie is, Summer Rental.

With Summer almost upon us, I thought I'd remind everyone of the great John Candy film, Summer Rental. Jack Chester (John Candy) is an overworked dad who decides that the best thing to do would be to take the family on a vacation to the beach. What could be better? 

Or... so he thought. Almost from the very beginning of the vacation things begins to unravel and continue to get worse. Between neighbor feuds and his children's demands, Jack finds himself involved in a yacht race to reclaim his pride and respect. Forget the fact that he has no idea how to sail a yacht. 

This is a classic 1980's movie and a John Candy classic, not to mention it's a summer fun movie! Check it out, if you haven't already! 


missJANEd0E said...

I have never heard/seen this before... I will def have to check it out since I love some 80's movies! :)

Lin said...

I cant believe I've never seen this movie! I loved him in The Great Outdoors :)

Tina L. Hook said...

I remember that one. Def. worthy of another sit down this summer.

Here is one throw back me and the Hub watched recently: 'Crocodile Dundee.'

Dollface said...

Never seen it.. but I loved John Candy, he was truly a funny guy! Have you seen Uncle Buck and the Great outdoors?? xxxoo

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Love this movie!

Pretty Zesty said...

I love that movie. It gets better with age!