Thursday, January 2, 2014


I'm a believer.

I believe that everything happens for a reason. You meet people for a reason.

They come into your life and leave your life for a reason.

The timing, the place, the events that bring them in and out.

All meant to be.

I've always been a believer but at times I haven't been a firm believer.

I may not always get the reasoning or the why's but I have to keep believing.

Right now I feel as if I'm getting tested. One of those tests that the universe gives you to see if you really believe.

I'm upset.
I'm sad.
I'm annoyed.
I'm questioning the universe.

I'm going to hold my head up and keep moving forward.

That's all one can really do.

When I feel down, I'm going to remember everything I have to be thankful for. I'm going to remember that I have people who care about me. I have a job. I have a car. I have a roof over my head.

I'm going to believe that good things do happen to good people.

I'm going to believe that the universe is going to help bring me what I'm looking for.

I'm going to believe that happiness will find me in every aspect of my life.

I'm going to believe that I'm going to get everything I want and more.

What about you? Have you ever felt like the universe just keeps testing you in one certain area of your life? Maybe more?


Deidre said...

In my yoga teaching course, we were learning about part of the yoga sutras. Essentially, the teacher said that the universe will keep giving you the same lesson until you learn from it. And once you learn it, the universe will start giving you a new lesson to learn. I DO find that I bit helpful, because when I sense a similar situation coming up I can go back into my memories and ask "what did I miss"...I don't know if any of that mumbo jumbo was relevant, it's just what this post reminded me of!

Why Girls Are Weird said...

My entire relationship with my ex-husband I felt like I was being tested. And then as a reward I was given Izzy ;-)

If you need to chat, text or email!

Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

Ohmygosh this is what I just needed to read. The universe is testing me no doubt about that. I have no idea what's going to happen in June, and I am scared as heck. I have no words for it. So, at this point I have to believe that everything I go through right now, all the thoughts, the doubts, the scary what if's, etc are part of a bigger plan; of a bigger reason. I have to keep moving forward and hope for the best and know that this is happening just because it needs to happen. Grrrrrr....but knowing I'm not alone makes it easier.

his little lady said...

This is so beautifully written, girl! You hold your head up! Everything will pass eventually, and everything is just a stepping stone. A trial that is refining us to be that perfect diamond that we are destined to be :)
xo TJ

Anonymous said...

I definitely think everything is for a reason but what reasons they are is mind boggling and I'm trying to figure out.

I have no idea why I'm in the situation I'm in (and have been for 20 years) and am trying to come up with ways of getting out of it but it's bloody hard without money or support.

I have no idea whether it's all a matter of testing us and how we cope and deal with it and moving forward is all you can do as you never want to go back to where you were or what you were, so forward is the only way, whether you like it or not.