Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Don't Be Fooled

It only took me three months but I'm finally talking about books I've been reading this year! The first book I read this year was Spelling It Like It Is by Tori Spelling.
 I had previously read all of Tori's books. I read her first book at a time in my life where I could really relate to some things she had going on. Her second and third books I had less to relate to but she always seems to have something funny or clever to say. This book however felt like it was depressing. Tori had complications with her last two pregnancies and the book followed those in major detail. The book also talks about her relationship with her kids, her mother and of course her husband.

This book came out before the rumors of Dean and his cheating. I also read it before the news broke about him checking himself into a rehab facility. Having grown up watching Tori on 90210 and in all of her Lifetime original movies plus seeing her on her own reality show, I feel extremely sad for her. Yes she has a lot of great things going on in her life but when you have something awful happen in your love life it can really affect your life. In the books she talks about her love for her husband and her kids. It's sad to think that while she was writing this book he was out there in world doing who know what.

Honestly, if you've read Tori's other books stop there. This one will depress you. It'll make you feel sad for her, the kids and everyone involved. She's apparently in a lot of debt and openly talks about it. She has an addiction to moving and buying property....

I guess we all have our vices... some more expensive than others. Don't be fooled by reading this book thinking it's a happy ending story. Their still in debt and still having problems. I give this book 2 stars. 


Why Girls Are Weird said...

I won a book of hers in a giveaway, although I never actually ended up reading it. Maybe I will... although I'll steer clear of this one.

Anonymous said...

I was never a fan of Tori's and her books are not on my to-read list.

Although technically, I don't actually have a to-read list.

Nicole said...

I loved her 1st one because it was about 90210 and her early years and 1st marriage and dean but after the kids I just couldn't relate so I stopped reading. I did watch her reality show which was interesting, but you are right these days I am just sad for all of them :(