Friday, April 25, 2014

Words Wouldn't Be Enough

Its amazing how life can lead you to someone.

In August 2012, I moved to Sacramento. My situation then was very different. I was already mentally done with a relationship that lasted far too long than it should have. In October I met Beezy at work. I had seen him around but hadn't really spoken to him. Then we started interacting more at work and became genuine friends. We would hang out and come over to each other's houses. We'd watch television together, eat meals together and just hang out. He'd have huge parties at his house and he'd always make sure I was going to be there. He would make it clear to me that he really liked me. Liked me for me.

I kept going on dates with people and so did he. We became best friends. I'd tell him about my days. He'd tell me about his. I'd share stories of being in West Virginia and he'd tell me about his 1349308 cousins. He'd make me laugh when I was sad. I'd try to make sure he wasn't sad. Over a year of us being friends something changed. He came over to my house one day while I was hanging out with a girl friend of mine. We asked him what he'd been up to and he said he had went on a date. I was actually surprised. It caught me so off guard. I sat on my couch, trying to control my face. You see... the whole time we'd been friends he'd never talk to me about him going out on any dates. Yeah, he'd mention dates he had been on in the past but nothing present. So when he told me he went out on a date with someone I knew I was shocked.

I had to know all the details.

When he left my house that night and when my friend left, I think I cried. I was confused because we were such good friends. I didn't want some girl coming in and taking my best friend away from. Everyone knows when your guy best friend starts dating someone the friendship takes the backseat. And then there was the fact that I thought that him telling me about the date was his way of saying he had given up on me. That he wasn't going to wait anymore for me. That he'd given up hope that we'd ever be anything more than friends.

So after that night, we kept hanging out like normal. He told me the date was just a one date. We started going to more Kings games together and Thanksgiving approached. He knew that I wasn't going to be able to go home to see family. He invited me to go to Lake Tahoe with his family and I agreed. Then my mom surprised me with a plane ticket so off to WV I went. When I came back we kept hanging out. Then the night before I left for WV in December he made a move. We had our first kiss. I was still worried about our friendship. I went home for two weeks and spent the holiday there. We'd text all day and talk and skyped a few times. It was our normal friendship but different. When I came back we became inseparable. We started hanging out everyday and I finally started calling it something more than just a friendship.

I can't imagine what I'd do without him. I don't want to imagine. He makes me happy. He makes me smile every single day. He appreciates me. He makes meals for me. He looks out for me and takes care of me. I've never had someone care for me so much besides my mother. He rubs my feet when I'm tired. He shows me so much appreciation. I just hope that I show him as much as he shows me.

I can't believe the universe brought him to me. I'm so glad that we were friends first. I'm so happy that our friendship has become stronger and that our relationship is genuine. I care so much about him. I thankful everyday that he's in my life. He's definitely my boo boo. Now and forever.


Shanna said...

Yaaayyy... so glad you shared how you met Beezy. Being friends first is the best way to start a romantic relationship!! So happy you are in a healthy, loving relationship. I can see the sparkle in both your eyes. Wishing you both many years of happiness!!!

Anonymous said...

What a special story! I am so glad that you two found each other and that he makes you so happy! This is soo soo soo important!! Make sure to remember this forever so you have something to look back on if you ever find yourself lost. Yayyy!!

Whitney @ EHFAR said...

Awww... :-)

lil desiqua said...

Aww so cute! Do you guys still work at the same place too? That's a lot of togetherness! Happy you found someone who makes you smile!

Why Girls Are Weird said...

I have tears in my eyes reading this. Having shared emails with you and felt your disappointment when things didn't work out with those silly boys from before, I really just wanted to know you were happy. With someone that made you truly HAPPY. And now here I sit reading this and it just RADIATES. I am thrilled for you, so so so happy.

Keep making each other happy. And enjoy life together.

Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

I can finally comment! It's probably because I switched jobs. This is so exciting! Very happy for you Jenn!

Shoshanah said...

I'm so happy for you! It's crazy how certain life decisions, like you moving to California, impact so many other aspects of your life. Wishing you two the best!!

Anonymous said...

You snagged a great guy that the rest of us can only hope to get.

Nicole said...

That's too sweet! So happy for you both :)