Saturday, April 19, 2014

Saturday Smiles

Every Saturday, I'm going to try and post five things that made me smile during the week. Often I find myself getting caught up in the small stuff but this year I'm making an effort to be conscious of it. This year is about being happy and finding happiness even in the small things! Want to join me? Go ahead and post your Saturday Smiles!
1. New shoes.
2. Easter basket presents.
3. Chipotle.
4. Skyping with my Mom.
5. Beezy.
What's making you smile?


Why Girls Are Weird said...

I'm smiling because I got done with work after 3 hours, yay!

Meghan said...

Chipotle makes me smile, too! :) Now that we live in the 'burbs, I see my students there ALL of the time. But it's ok:)

saucyminx410 said...

We'll be in Vegas starting May 9th for 5 days...when will you be there?

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

I love this! Wednesday and Thursday are going to hit 80 here in Seattle and that is making me smile!