Monday, April 14, 2014

Weekend Review

On Thursday, Beezy and I headed over to San Francisco to catch a Giants game. This past week was their opening week and we were able to make it to their second game of the season. Before the game we hit up Pedro's Cantina where I indulged and ate two nachos.
The Giants were giving away scarfs to the first 20,000 in the stands so of course we had to make sure to get there in time. I'm a sucker for a free goodie.
See those seats behind us? That is literally the last row in the stadium. We were that high in AT&T Park. I thought it was really fun. I've never sat up that high and neither had Beezy. If you've ever been to San Francisco or to a Giants game then you know that the day can be warm but the moment the sun goes down it's freezing. SF also has a very strong breeze. Well we went prepared... or so we thought.
We were freezing. The breeze up in those seats was insane. The wind was cutting us like a knife. Thank goodness they passed out those scarfs! Beezy had only taken a light weight jacket and I took a sweater. Needless to say I bought a hooded sweatshirt. I couldn't take the cold. However in the 5th inning we upgraded our seats to hang out with his cousins. The wind was much more manageable down near the field.
After the game we headed back to Sacramento and I was very excited about the heat in the car. It took me the whole ride back to thaw out. All in all it was a fun time! The giants lost by one run though. I spent the rest of the weekend just running errands and relaxing. Since Easter is coming up, I've got a busy few days coming up.
Happy Monday!


Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

Getting free stuff is my absolute favorite part at any event. :)

Glad you had fun.

Miss Baseball badly. All the games I want to see are on bad days I can't go. :( Grrrrr

Adrienne said...

How fun and cute! I love you two together :)

San Fran can get sooooooooo cold with the breeze, you're brave for bearing it :)

Why Girls Are Weird said...

This is why I wish that Target Field had a retractable roof or SOMETHING. It makes me not want to go to Twins games!