Monday, April 21, 2014

Weekend Review

Easter weekend has come and gone. Before I tell you all about Easter 2014, let's throw it back to Easter 1986. When I was almost two years old. Aw... baby JMO.
Clearly I may have been a little spoiled. I had those bears in my bedroom till I was in high school! And before you ask my hair was naturally blonde and somewhat curly. And yes... that is a dress I'm wearing. Now onto Easter 2014.

My mom and I have been exchanging baskets since I can remember. Once I moved out to California at the end of 2012, we kept exchanging baskets. We've been using the same baskets for years but mine was left in West Virginia. This year when my mom sent me my Easter goodies, she included a felt basket so now I've got a basket again! Yay! This year my mom didn't disappoint. She sent an entire box of treats.

It was filled with candy (that I don't need), dvds and some books that I've been wanting to read. Prodigy (in the Legend series and the next Stuart Woods book). Then Beezy surprised me with an Easter basket as well! It was filled with new Nike socks and new shoes on top! They are too cute. Their blue with a cheetah print woven in the background of the blue. They feel really great on my feet which is a big deal.
I spent Saturday making at Beezy's request Raspberry cupcakes with vanilla frosting. I topped them off with some pretzel M&Ms. Since I took them to one of his family events and he has family that's allergic to peanuts.


The Easter bunny also paid a visit to Beezy and brought him a little something from bunny land. Remember how I mentioned he's really into those Game of Thrones Funko Pop toys? Well the Easter bunny brought him a rare one from Canada and some of the new mini figurines that they've come out with recently. He also got a back scratcher, gun, mints, etc.
And that's a rap on Easter 2014!


Why Girls Are Weird said...

Looks like a really great Easter!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had an awesome Easter! Did you really get him a gun? Was it meant to say gum? A gun is super awesome too, though! :-) HA!

Anonymous said...

Awww, baby JMO was so cute!