Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Restroom Rules from Beezy

Beezy is a pretty calm person. He's laid back. Doesn't panic or stress out about things like I do. He takes things as it comes. However... there's one thing that will make him enter into a rant and it's bathroom etiquette. He's ranted on this issue more than once, more than twice. The third time I had to sit and listen to him over a restroom rant, I knew it needed to be a blog post. So without further ado...

Beezy's Restroom Rules
1. If you go into a restroom with three urinals/stalls, you do not go into the middle one. Why? Because it's an unwritten rule. There needs to be a one stall buffer. If you go into the middle stall you've just rendered the other stalls useless.
2. If you finish using the bathroom and there's other people in there, wash your hands! There's people out there who don't wash their hands. Ok, fine but if there's other people in that restroom and you know they know you're in there. WASH YOUR HANDS. You don't have to use soap but at least throw some water on them.
3. If you're going into the bathroom knowing that you're going to release Mount St. Helene's. Can we get a courtesy flush? No one wants to hear your machine gun action into the toilet.
4. In the event that you have to use a urinal and there is no buffer. DO NOT look to the left or right. Who cares if it's the most boring wall you've ever looked at in the world, you do not look to the sides. No one wants to have a conversation while you are using the urinal.
5. This is not your office. You don't sit on the toilet in a public restroom having a full on conversation. No one wants to know who your lunch date is later in the day. We don't want to hear your business deals. We also don't want to hear you arguing with your spouse. This is a safe zone. Some of us need to concentrate.
 And there you have it. The rules of the restroom by Beezy.


Why Girls Are Weird said...

I once worked with a girl that would call and text people while using the bathroom. SO GROSS.

Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

He's got awesome points right there. :)

Nicole said...

Yes! Phone calls in the bathroom yuck I purposely flush a few times to annoy them haha