Wednesday, January 6, 2016

4 Shows You Need to Watch Now!

The Fall

Available on Netflix, we binged watched the series in two days. They are hour long episodes and the first two seasons are available. They are currently filming season 3 and I can’t wait to see what happens.

Stella Gibson (Gillian Anderson) is a Metropolitan Police Superintendent from London and is sent to Belfast, Ireland to work with the Police Service of Northern Ireland to assess the progress of a murder investigation that has remained open for over a month. When she begins putting the pieces together she believes the murder was the work of a serial killer and links two murders together. Stella becomes the senior investigating officer on the case and begins working with local detectives to hunt down the killer. The killer is hunting down young, professional women and Stella must find him before he kills again.

The Man In The High Castle

Available for free to Amazon Prime members. We watched season one over the course of a week. The show is hour long episodes and premiered on Amazon at the beginning of November. I cannot wait for season 2. I really like two of the main characters and can’t wait to see what happens.

The show is set in the early 1960s and is set in an America that lost the war. New York is where the Nazi Headquarters is located and they control the entire east coast. The west coast is controlled by Japan with San Francisco being their headquarters. There is a small resistance but the majority of people are controlled by fear since both parties rule with an iron fist. When Julianna is thrust into the resistance because of her sister she finds herself headed from San Francisco into the neutral zone which lies between both parties. At the same time Joe, a Nazi officer disguised as a resistance member heads to the neutral zone from New York in search of finding and weeding out other resistance members.

Julianna and Joe are both traveling with film that the resistance needs to keep their hands on. The film comes from the man in the high castle yet we don’t know who it is. While Joe and Julianna are destined to meet in the neutral zone back home Frank (Julianna’s boyfriend) is being watched because of her disappearance.


I had been hearing about this show for months. We just finished season one and honestly I don’t know what to think. I find it odd and the characters strange. I feel like it’s a broke girls version of Sex and the City. I mean is this what early twenties is like now for girls living in NYC? I’ll probably watch season two but I’m not a big rush.

Lena Dunham stars as Hannah Horvath, an aspiring writer living in Brooklyn, New York with her best friend Marnie. When Hannah’s parents cut her off financially she’s forced to start looking for a paying job. She’s also trying to figure out if her friend Adam wants to date her or just sleep with her. At the same time Marnie is trying to figure out how to break up with her perfect boyfriend. Both girls lives are changing and their friend Jemima comes into town from traveling abroad she’s got an even bigger bomb to share with them.

The Killing

Available on Netflix and originally on AMC.
The Killing follows Seattle Detective Sarah Linden who’s been a Detective for over 20 years. She’s finally calling it quits and retiring so she can move to Sonoma, California. Her 13 year old son Jack, isn’t happy about the move but the movers come and take their stuff away. Sarah and her fiancĂ© are to be married in 20 days in California. On the last day of work, Sarah is called to a crime scene out in the woods where a girls pink sweater is found covered in blood. They continue the hunt and her body is found. The girl is 17 years old. Her superior officer tells her that she needs to stay in Seattle another day or two and break in her replacement, Stephen Holder on this case.
Sarah starts to become obsessed with finding the killer. She and Jack have nowhere to live now in Seattle so they begin staying with their friend Reggie on a boat.  Her fiancĂ© is in Sonoma wondering why she keeps missing all of her flights and Sarah keeps looking for the killer. Her new partner Holder is along for the ride and begins to feel left out and wondering if he’s going to be replacing her at all. Meanwhile a killer is still loose on the streets of Seattle…


Bethany Magnie said...

I love Girls!! Although you may be right about it being the broke girls Sex in the City!!

Chrissy said...

We just started watching "The man in the high castle", honestly it took us two tries to get through episode one, but we are getting the hang of it and I think we might be hooked. Never saw Girls, it doesn't air on German TV and I was too cheap to pay for it on Amazon, so there's that. I didn't know about The Fall, will look into it. Great tips, thank you!

Crystal said...

I really enjoyed The Killing and The Fall. I'm really excited of season three of The Fall! I might watch parts of the first two seasons to remind myself of what happened. It's a bit creepy... I remember thinking about where people might be hiding in my house as I moved around while watching that show.

Julie Danielle said...

I LOVE Girls and waiting to watch season 4. I also just finished Man in the High Castle. So so good!

Danielle said...

Girls looks interesting, and so does The Killing. I love finding new shows to watch! Thank you for sharing :)

Danielle Des said...

I think I will start watching The Killing. Love these types of posts, you can never be bored to long on Netflix.