Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Our Ceremony

We held our ceremony in the Amber Room at Casa Real.

The aisle was lined with white rose petals and candles and the end of the aisle was a white marble fire placed topped with candles. We also had hand painted silver Manzanita trees at the front and back of the aisle. My groom wearing Vera Wang, walked his mother down to an acoustic version of a song from The Last of the Mohicans.  

I walked down the aisle to the main song from Romancing the Stone. As soon as my mother heard the song, the water works began. My poor mom couldn't stop crying. My mother walked me down and gave me away.

We exchanged traditional vows but also chose to say our own vowels to each other. There ceremony itself was very short. We had chose not to do any readings or have songs and hymns read in between. We didn't light candles or pour sand in a jar. We stood there in front of the fire and told each other how we felt. We laughed and we cried and once it was all over we were pronounced husband and wife.

We walked down the aisle together for the first time as a married couple to, It's Now or Never by Elvis Presley.


Unknown said...

What a beautiful dress!

Rachel said...

What a beautiful ceremony! I prefer wedding ceremonies that don't drag on. Simple and sweet is where my preference lies. Ours was also fairly short, although any planning I may have done wasn't very useful because my family (who weren't able to attend them wedding because they lived overseas) sent in a picture video (the only point where I cried because I had no idea that was going to happen), and then the song that my uncle sang got changed at the last minute due to technical difficulties, so instead of the song I requested, he just sang one he knew from another wedding, which all worked fine and we signed the paper at the end of it all so that's what mattered. ;)

ericaligenza said...

CONGRATULATIONS! Such an exciting day!

Coming Up Roses

Lucky Lady said...

It was a beautiful wedding in every way, and you were very beautiful, too!